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At nearly 80 years of age and still working full time; Dennis Gore, a ‘global' community pharmacist from Manchester, also known around the world as "Dennis the Chemist", is urging friends, family and customers to protect themselves from Covid-19 by supplementing their diet immediately with coenzyme Q10 and selenium.

Says Dennis; "It is vital that we all start supplementing with these two nutrients immediately because this virus damages the heart and the lungs and coenzyme Q10 and selenium which work synergistically together have been reported to be powerful heart protective nutrients in numerous trials.

"We know there isn't enough selenium in the food chain to meet the recommended daily allowance for this mineral because the UK has one of the lowest soil levels ofseleniumin the world. We also know that production ofcoenzyme Q10in the liver and cells of the body declines with age.

"There's also a study from2011which shows thatselenium stops viruses like covid-19 becoming virulent- in other words, it never gets a chance to take off!"

  • Scientific research published in2011indicates that significant deficiencies in selenium, enables RNA viruses like SARS, H1N1, Ebola, and HIV/AIDS to become more virulent - Covid-19 is also a RNA virus. Seleno proteins made from selenium, such as the enzymes, glutathione peroxidase and thioredoxin reductase play a crucial role in controlling and stopping the virus becoming highly virulent in the body
  • Coenzyme Q10 and selenium are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that work synergistically to protect the heart from the damage caused by the virus creating oxidative stress
  • Insufficient intakes of selenium can prevent the cells from getting adequate concentrations of coenzyme Q10
  • Cells need adequate coenzyme Q10 to achieve optimal selenium function
  • Both coenzyme Q10 and Selenium are essential for the functioning of the immune system
  • Selenium is essential to produce 25 proteins necessary for the healthy functioning of every organ system in the body
  • Measurements of troponins and NTProBNP, markers for heart damage, are raised in patients with covid-19. TheKiSel-10 Studyshowed that these markers went down during supplementation with coenzyme Q10 and selenium
  • In theKiSel-10 Study,  443 elderly people (aged between 70-88 years) took part in a five-year investigation where they were randomly assigned daily supplements of selenium and coenzyme Q10 - or  placebo (`dummy`) pills.  After a five-year follow-up the scientists noted that more than twice as many people in the placebo group had died of cardiovascular disease. This indicates that a combination of these powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances may have resulted in more than a 50% drop in mortality from cardiovascular diseases
  • Keshan heart diseasewhich killed thousands of mostly infants and children in China during the 1930s was completely eradicated by adding selenium to the soil and giving the population selenium supplements - although selenium was the ‘remedy' it turned out that the disease was caused by the coxsackie virus. Selenium appeared to help the immune system to stop the virus' virulence and destroy it
  • Viruses use up your cell nutrition to replicate

Continues Dennis;"Obviously you should eat as nutritiously as possible especially now. You can get some coenzyme Q10 through your diet from beef heart, chicken liver and fish, especially, salmon, mackerel and sardines but for most people, the amount they get is not nearly enough.

"With that in mind; the key point to note is that the public and even doctors aren't aware that as we age and there are many elderly people dying from this; as well as younger people, the production of coenzyme Q10 goes down.

"Coenzyme Q10's job is tocreate our energy by combining the food we eat and the oxygen we breath to make the energymolecule, Adenosine Tri-phosphate (ATP) in our cells' engines.

"These engines are calledmitochondria(little sausage shaped bodies found in every one of our 30 trillion cells and can number up to 5,000 in each cell).

"You reach your peak production of coenzyme Q10 between 20 and 25, but by the age of 40 it's dropped to the levels of a 2-year-old child. And by the time you're 80 it's dropped to the levels of a 1-year-old baby. We know that a very high number of elderly people are dying from this virus and with aging, just like your car engine when you have an old car, the engines (the mitochondria) in each cell, become damaged by the energy production process creating free radicals that cause them to ‘wear out'.

"You can always buy a new car or replace your worn-out engine, but you can't buy new mitochondria which Q10 and selenium help to protect from damage and the Q10 actually helps to generate new mitochondria. The odds are stacked against the elderly because of underlying conditions; low immunity and almost certainly low levels of coenzyme Q10.

"We all know how deadly this virus is, this is not the time to rely on your diet for enough coenzyme Q10 and selenium but remember not all supplements are created equal - they need to be high quality and made to pharmaceutical standards.

"Because Q10 can help to reduce high blood pressure, it's important for people to continue regular monitoring in case the doctor needs to reduce their medication.

"Anyone on Warfarin medication to thin their blood, when taking Q10 as a supplement, may need to have their Warfarin dose adjusted."


For more information contact: Dennis Gore
Mobile: 0044 (0)7968 375310 / Email:


  1. The scientific content in this press release has been reviewed by Dr Iain Hargreaves a recognised expert in coenzyme Q10. In 2018, Dr Hargreaves lectured at the annual Q10 World Conference at Columbia University, New York to 200 other Q10 experts from 60 countries where a total of 96 lectures took place.
  2. Dennis Gore is a community pharmacist who has specialised in health products for over 30 years and is known for his vast knowledge and experience of a wide range of remedies for common diseases and ailments.
  3. Over 20 years ago, he began appearing on radio and TV phone-in shows for the BBC and ITV and many other local radio stations through which he became known as ‘Dennis the Chemist'.
  4. He's been a regular guest for many years on the multi-award-winning DJ, Pete Price's show at Radio City Talk, in Liverpool where Pete has been recognized as a Citizen of Honour by the Lord Mayor. Pete also writes for the Liverpool Echo and is a regular guest paper reviewer for Sky News
  5. In a recent poll of Pete's worldwide podcast followers, Dennis' podcast came out as the third favourite in a long list of Pete's other guests.
  6. For the last 18 years, Dennis has attended every world health conference on Q10 and listened to over 900 lectures where he has met and talked with many of the world's authorities on a wide range of health issues including health specialists from heart to kidney to immunity - getting up to date knowledge direct from the experts.
  7. At nearly 80 years young, Dennis continues to work, currently self-isolating at home, and taking calls from customers from around the world, as well as answering daily emails requesting information and his insights into their health problems.

According to the government'sown published paper; "selenium deficiency is widespread and often severe in UK soils, as demonstrated by analysis of soils on livestock farms, by the frequency of symptoms of subclinical deficiency in cattle and sheep, and by the low intake of UK citizens from home-grown food and their falling blood levels....there is evidence that when selenium supplies are limited, it is distributed to those tissues most vital to the organism, leaving others to go short."