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Horror fans worst fears revealed at UK premiere of supernatural horror, Sacrileg
 Horror fans worst fears revealed at UK premiere of supernatural horror, Sacrilege

UK horror fans have revealed their deepest fears as part of celebrations marking the release of the highly-acclaimed supernatural horror ‘Sacrilege’ by Bad Blood Films.

Fans, competition winners and industry figures alike attended the UK independent
film’s premiere at the world famous 'Empire' Cineworld Leicester Square on Thursday 5 March 2020.

On registering to attend the premiere, horror fanatics* were asked to divulge their biggest fear. The top three fears were spiders (at 13%), drowning or deep water (at 10%) and the dark (at 8%). Interestingly, no one particular fear dominated the list, showing scream flick fans have a diverse range of personal horrors including ambulances, memory loss and personal failure.

These responses contradict the same poll done by the
Leicester Mercury last year which saw being buried alive topping the list. Flying (at 78%), snakes (at 72%), heights (at 70%) and spiders (at 70%) closely followed.

David Creed, the film’s writer and director spoke for Bad Blood Films on the success of the premiere said, “The premiere was a fantastic success and we were delighted to be joined so many film fans for really vibrant discussions about the work we’ve done and how we did it. It’s interesting to see the differences in what frightens people. Sacrilege sees the characters face their fears, many of which, us Brits can relate to.”

In attendance at the premiere was The Metro, who reviewed the film; “Loved Fantasy Island and The Invisible Man? Sacrilege is a creepy alternative with promise. Horror movie giant Blumhouse Productions is currently dominating cinemas this month with two major releases, Fantasy Island and The Invisible Man, the latter of which has smashed the box office. But a new British indie horror is set to give them a run for their money. Sacrilege, directed and written by David Creed from Bad Blood Films, is a breath of fresh air in the Hollywood-dominated horror space.”

The star-studded premiere evening, run in conjunction with Soho Media Club, began with a drinks reception, provided by Bristol Dry Gin. There was also a Q&A with the cast and crew before the exclusive viewing of the film.

The film follows four lifelong friends as they head to a remote lodge for a weekend of fun. However, what begins as an idyllic retreat quickly descends into a fight for their lives when a local Pagan cult offers them up to their Goddess as a sacrifice for the Solstice.

The film explores the theme of friendship, asking what it means to be a friend and how bonds between people can be pushed to the limit when things get tough. It’s a British production from the Bristol-based firm that’s firmly rooted in using home-grown talent and the latest technology. That covers everything from innovative online platform-sourcing the cast through WeAudition to the state of the art post production facilities at Evolutions Bristol.

Mark Kenna, the film’s Producer and CEO at Bad Blood Films added, “We’ve started as we mean to go on, producing high quality ‘cinema-ready’ films creating an immersive experience for the viewer. Not only did we screen the film with the state of the art laser projector on a Superscreen, but we also mixed the soundtrack for Sacrilege in Dolby Atmos for an incredibly immersive sound experience too. We also created a digital experience for Sacrilege that linked into our focused digital marketing campaign that everyone could get involved with. We’re all about making films fun, interactive and getting the fans involved on multiple levels. We certainly went above and beyond for Sacrilege, a low budget film which was always a proof of concept for what Bad Blood Films as a company have in store going forwards. It’s very exciting times for us.”

Mark goes on to add “Over the years, we have focused on understanding the changes within the industry, building partnerships for the longer-term, pushing the boundaries within the independent film industry, utilising new technologies and finding innovative ways of overcoming problems we face. With our ‘Script to screen’ studio approach, we now have a way of taking ideas from concept through to distribution whilst creating new opportunities within the independent film industry. We have always believed that filmmaking is a collaborative process and we are super-proud of everyone who has worked on Sacrilege to help make this a success. Without them this just wouldn’t have been possible.

Bad Blood Films are developing a slate of horror movies that will scare, shock and downright creep you out. Sacrilege was released nationally across UK in 43 cinemas. Rippers Ghost will start production in the summer of 2020 and Knock Knock early 2021. Please contact for more information.

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* Sample of 60 people


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Bad Blood Films 

BAD BLOOD FILMS is a British production company specialising in horror and thriller. The company was incorporated by Mark KENNA and David CREED who share a passion for film and years of experience to bring a team of creatives together with a vision of producing high quality, commercially driven stories in what is being described as the UK version of the hugely successful American company Blumhouse Pictures.

Bad Blood Films approaches its business model with an array of international inspirations. The concept takes the US studio model of acumen and scalability and the Scandinavian model of agile team efficiency and combines the two with the classic British model of creativity that utilises the country's world-renowned pool of talent.

Bad Blood Films are developing a slate of horror movies that will scare, shock and downright creep you out. Sacrilege was released nationally across UK in 43 cinemas. Rippers Ghost will start production in the summer of 2020 and Knock Knock early 2021. Please contact for more information.


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