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Professor Karol Sikora pleads for common sense


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Leading UK Physician Professor Karol Sikora

Professor Karol Sikora's article in yesterday's Mail on Sunday pleaded for common sense during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Professor Sikora is at the forefront of cancer care in the UK as Medical Director of the Rutherford Cancer Centres which offer cutting edge proton beam therapy.

Cancer patients receiving complementary chemotherapy are notoriously immuno-compromised.

Professor Sikora has insightful views on the management of the current crisis.

Likening the crisis to steering a boat through a storm, the professor is confident that we will emerge into calm waters sometime in June, providing the current levels of panic and hysteria are brought under control.

Professor Sikora endorses the measured approach taken so far by the UK Government, saying: “After a lifetime in medicine, I’ve seen many crises come and go and I know that wrong-headed

intervention can cause as much damage as the problems it is supposed to cure.”