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Advantech Joins Micron’s Industrial Quotient (IQ) Partner Program...



Advantech Joins Micron's Industrial Quotient (IQ) Partner Program to Ensure Reliability and Longevity for Industrial AIoT Industries

Advantech, a leading provider of IoT intelligent systems, now provides a full spectrum of AIoT solutions to embrace the increase opportunities in industrial IoT applications.  Advantech collaborates with partners closely in product innovation and solution cooperation and provides substantial services for industrial customers in the AI and 5G Era. In 2020, Advantech is excited to become one of Micron's Industrial Quotient (IQ) partners.

For more than three decades, Micron has been a leader in developing memory solutions for the industrial market. This experience led it to develop the IQ Matters program in 2017 that forms the basis for the new IQ Partner Program. Micron shares the same commitment to the industrial market as Advantech: focusing on high-quality, robust and long-lasting products. Micron memory and storage solutions, along with advanced processor technology, are ideal for industrial IoT areas that prioritize minimizing unanticipated downtime, like factory automation, surveillance, smart transportation, and server applications. Micron DDR4 unbuffered and registered DIMMs, SATAIII and U.2 PCIe 3D NAND TLC SSDs are qualified with Advantech systems to offer superior performance and reliability.

Advantech SKY server, Industrial PC, and Edge computers are widely used in many missional-critical applications, including medical equipment, smart manufacturing, transportation control system, environment and energy solutions. Advantech's SKY-6000 GPU server is used for AI deep learning and edge inference and SKY-8000 is a carrier-grade server for telecom applications. HPC and ASMB servers are focused on medical imaging systems and AOI systems for manufacturing in the sensitive semiconductor industry. For the edge workstations, MIC-770 fanless compact system is used in food and beverage or electronic manufacturing, electronic toll collection, face recognition, and autonomous vehicles. In these applications, system reliability and revision control are highly important. Advantech's SKY server and MIC series are now validated with Micron SSD memory to provide the least amount of maintenance and downtime for customers.

"Advantech is glad to partner with Micron in the IQ partner program. Advantech and Micron share the same value proposition of Industrial Quotient with longevity, reliability, quality, and serviceability being the main priorities. Such value-added features bring great benefits to customers requiring mission-critical applications in the industrial and embedded market," said Linda Tsai, president of Industrial IoT at Advantech.

"The Industrial Internet of Things continues to transform the world of manufacturing at a rapid pace; it is changing how industrial solutions are being designed, which now require more coordination and collaboration in technology and product development. The IQ Partner Program enables us to work in partnership with a company like Advantech to deliver high-quality, robust, and long-lasting industrial-grade computing systems for the market," said Kris Baxter, Vice President of Embedded Business Marketing at Micron.

Hand-in-hand collaboration with global technology leaders like Micron means Advantech can continue to provide innovative product solutions and applications in AIoT.

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