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March book release: Step by step guide to working through dreams

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The Dreamer's Odyssey by psychotherapist and Jungian analyst, Jacquie Flecknoe-Brown, is out later this month from Free Association Books, and it's the ultimate step-by-step guide to help interpret and work through dreams for counsellors, therapists and anyone interested in developing a stronger ability to understand what our dreams are telling us. We have advance review copies if you'd like to see one? We can also arrange for media comment and interviews, as well as editorial (and/or extracts from the book) such as 'How to create a dreamwork journal' and 'Tips on working on your dreams with a friend/partner'.
We look forward to hearing from you! This is a really fascinating book and is packed with information, ideas and insights. Please see the Advance Information Media Sheet below.
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The Dreamer's Odyssey

A Guide to the Creative Unconscious

By Jacquie Flecknoe-Brown


The Dreamer's Odyssey provides a step-by-step guide to help interpret and work through dreams for counsellors, therapists and anyone interested in developing a stronger ability to understand what our dreams are telling us. It's also an amazing support to those seeking an understanding of the basis of Jung's dream analysis. The 10 week guide has been adapted from the courses that the author, Jacquie Flecknoe-Brown, has run successfully for many years.

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Closely linked to the theory of C. G. Jung, each chapter includes an interpreted dream relevant to the weekly content. It also includes analysis of dream-theory and interpretation of mythical material to illustrate theoretical points.  


Working with dreams and their images helps us to be more conscious of ourselves, our shadows, our opposites, and our purpose. Dreams can ease our burdens, help us problem-solve, improve our memories, and enlighten us.  The dream is a natural, and living phenomenon - working to understand our dreams will have an effect on many aspects of our lives.



About Jacquie Flecknoe-Brown

A person looking at the cameraDescription automatically generatedJacquie Flecknoe-Brown worked in an acute psychiatric ward where she realised that a person's suffering and behaviour carried a meaning for that person, even when it was not fully understood. She trained in Milan school of Systemic Family Therapy, a therapy that helped to unearth this meaning in the context of family.  Later, she began to explore the writings of Dr. C.G. Jung, a master psychological analyst of symbolic communication, who along with other famous contemporaries, discovered a method of dream interpretation which helped support a person's recovery and growth.


After years of her own analysis, she sold her house and went to Switzerland, training as a Jungian Analyst at the Research and Training Centre for Depth Psychology. Jacquie is the co-founder of the Australian Guild of Depth Psychology.


She has been in private practice as a psychotherapist and a Jungian Analyst for over 20 years. She works in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, lectures in tertiary education and writes. Her household includes too many poodles and a wild magpie family.


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Advance review copies of The Dreamer's Odyssey are available upon request (paperback & digital).


Title:The Dreamer's Odsyssey

Subtitle:A Guide to the Creative Unconscious

Author:Jacquie Flecknoe-Brown

Genre:Dreams, Psychology, Therapy, Counselling

Publisher:Ortus Press

Publication date:March 31st2020

Availability:Paperback, eBook, International distribution


Price: £14.99


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