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Ru Paul Drag Queen Star Cheryl Hole - Photos from last night's book launch



How To STFU and Show Up For Yourself

By Dr Tony Ortega


Good afternoon, 

A couple of people posing for the cameraDescription automatically generatedI hope you're well! I wondered if you'd like to see a photo (credit: Xanthe Nimmo) for potential inclusion from last night's book launch? 

Here's a link to the online press folder:, which contains more photos of Cheryl Hole and Dr Ortega from last night. 

Dr Tony Ortega, clinical psychologist with 27 years' experience, flew in from New York to celebrate the UK launch of his second self-help book, #AreYouHereYet: How to STFU & Show Up For Yourself, published by Ortus Press last night. The party at Bar Soho in London was hosted by Ru Paul's UK Drag Race Season One Finalist, Cheryl Hole, with 60+ guests in attendance. The photo attached is of Dr Ortega and Cheryl Hole on the bed in the Boudoir Room at Bar Soho :-)
It was lots of fun. The book is officially on sale from today. 

Tony is flying back to New York on Tuesday. He's currently doing a day of radio interviews but has some availability on 17thif you'd like to meet with him while he's in the UK.

And we'd love to send you a copy of the new book if you'd like to see it?

More information below about the new book and the author...


Director - Literally PR


**Clinical psychologist, life coach and author, Dr Tony Ortega, lives and works in New York. We're excited to bring you news of his second book, which will launch on Valentine's Day 2020. Tony will also be available for interviews, seminars, book signings and events before, during and after the book launch.**


Dr Tony Ortega's second book is the only... or the last... self-help guide you're ever going to need to read!

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#AreYouHereYet: How To STFU and Show Up For Yourselfis the sequel to Dr Ortega's debut self-help book,#IsHeHereYet: Being the Person You Want to Be With. It follows the clinical psychologist's signature raw, humorous, and compelling style as he continues to examine the perceived epidemic of being single in our universal quest for love. When a person is committed to doing all the work to improve themselves by being "The One" (and thereby improve their love life), what happens when nothing seems to happen afterwards? Through witty, thought-provoking writing, sassy #OMG Moments, case studies, and "Tea Time with Tony" (end-of-chapter exercises for the reader), Dr Ortega helps to explore the personal blocks and self-limiting beliefs that keep us stuck. It's a second chance at not only improving, but falling in love with, ourselves. It provides essential "what next?" support in a sea of self-help books focused on the start of the journey.


About Dr Tony Ortega

A person posing for the cameraDescription automatically generatedDr Tony Ortega is a first-generation Cuban American gay man, author and regular media commentator on all things dating, sex, relationships and psychology. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and life coach who has been in practice since 1992, currently serving the LGBTQ population in his private practice located in Brooklyn, New York.

Interviews, editorial and extracts are available upon request. 

Press interviews can be organised during Tony's UK visit and via email/phone/Internet before and during. Please get in touch withinfo@literallypr.comto discuss anything! 


Title:#AreYouHereYet: How To STFU and Show Up For Yourself

Author:Dr Tony Ortega

Genre:Relationships, Self-Help, LGBT, Psychology

Publisher:Ortus Press

Publication date:February 14th2020

Availability:Paperback, eBook, International distribution


Price: £11.99


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