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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: An award-winning radiator fan, that claims to improve energy-efficiency in the home by up to 22%, has been launched in the UK by Dutch heating specialists SpeedComfort.


Named as Europe's best-selling radiator fan, SpeedComfort leads with the mission of helping as many households as possible to feel warmer, reduce CO2 emissions and save costs on heating bills through smarter and more responsive heating solutions.


SpeedComfort is a device made up of small silent fans that attach to the base of a radiator which are designed to speed up convection and deliver the following benefits:


  • Improve radiator heating power: +20%
  • Increase space warm-up speed: +50%
  • Reduce energy bill consumption: -22%


The following points indicate how SpeedComfort has the potential to reduce overall energy consumption:


  • Radiators are turbocharged: users will get up to 20% more heating power from the existing central heating system.


  • The convection utilises the air more efficiently. Instead of wasting heat as it rises up towards the ceiling, SpeedComfort distributes heat away from the radiator and spreads it around the room and into the 'living zone'. Extensive tests show that this has improved output by 1.2°C 


  • The warm air flow fills the room quicker. Warm-up time is accelerated and is on average 50% faster; taking half the normal time to heat up room.


  • By extracting more heat from the water/ radiator, the 'return flow' to the boiler is cooler. This is beneficial for the boiler which works most efficiently when the difference between the inflow and outflow is bigger (heat recovery from flue gases) 


  • More evenly heated rooms mean users can turn down their room thermostats (or thermostatic radiator valves) and still maintain a comfortable temperature, this again requires a boiler to work less than before installing SpeedComfort.


  • With a better heat profile in the room (warmer in those places where you want it to be), most SpeedComfort users lower their room temperature settings on their thermostats. By lowering a thermostat by 1°C, a user can save between 6% to 7% on gas consumption.


  • The installation of SpeedComfort in the home can provide savings of up to 22%. (Some SpeedComfort customers have reached savings of 30%). The overall average savings of SpeedComfort's customer base is 11.2%. (This has been extensively tested and verified by both test agencies and customers.)


  • One SpeedComfort radiator fan has a power rating of 0.6Watts and will cost less than £0.15p per heating season to run. (1,500 hours x 0.6 Watts = 900Wh = 0.9kWh @ UK average 0.15p/kWh)


The Dutch engineering behind SpeedComfort is designed to offer the following benefits for improving home-heating:


  • Sustainable & energy-efficient: SpeedComfort doubles the heat output from a radiator and uses circa. 0.9kWh of electricity per year. This figure equates to less than £0.15p in real money. Due to faster heat output, users can switch off their thermostat earlier, which also lowers the temperature of the boiler. With shorter heating times and greater heat capacity, energy is consumed more efficiently, resulting in significantly reduced heating bills.


  • Automatic On / Off: Once installed, the smart thermosensor on the SpeedComfort switches on when the radiator surface temperature reaches 28°C (82°F) and switches off again at 25°C (77°F)


  • Easy installation: SpeedComfort is a simple plug and play device that can be quickly and easily installed under the radiator, without the need for special expertise or professional installation tools. Within a few seconds, SpeedComfort is clicked into place under a radiator using integrated magnets. (There are fitting kits provided for every type and length of radiator)


  • The technical explanation
    • When your radiator reaches 28°C, the thermosensor will activate the integrated axial fans in the SpeedComfort, which increases the convection current around the radiator at a rate of 89.7 cubic m/hr (52.8 CFM). This improved air-movement will draw more energy from the radiator, resulting in more warmth being transferred to the room and spreads heat more evenly to create a warmer and more comfortable living space.



Product Name: SpeedComfort

RRP: From £49.99

Where to buy:


MEDIA CONTACT: Chrissie Plunkett, 0191 3410045/ 07817 803234








SpeedComfort is a smart-radiator ventilator that can be integrated with / attached to radiator panels and convectors. The device is suitable for standard panel radiators, type 20/21/22. With accessories it is also suitable for types 10, 11 and convectors.


SpeedComfort claims that radiator capacity is increased, airflow boosted and circular heat is being created. This should result in increased power, more comfort (better heat profile), faster warm-up time and saving on energy consumption / CO2.


A SpeedComfort unit consists of a plastic casing with three axial fans. Depending of length of the radiator up to 20 SpeedComforts can be linked. The device(s) is activated by a heat sensor that is triggered by radiator temperature (32°C). During the cooling phase, SpeedComfort stops operating when radiator temperature reaches 25°C.


SpeedComfort's performance was tested by TNO (, a Dutch, independent testing agency. The report (TNO 2016 R11745, "Determination of the influence of the SpeedComfort fan system affixed on a plate radiator") draws conclusions on the effects of SpeedComfort, including increasing radiator capacity with around 20%.


SpeedComfort helps contribute to significantly save money on energy bills in the following ways:

  • Users can turn down their boiler's thermostat from the average of 70 degrees Celsius, to 60 degrees, while still feeling just as warm.
  • This results in a lower supply temperature of the central heating water, which saves gas and means less heat loss in pipes.
  • The room is brought to temperature faster, meaning the boiler is not running for so long.
  • It can be put in place in an instant and uses negligible amounts of electricity (less than 15p / year)
  • Suitable for radiators and convectors


SpeedComfort's mission is to help households create more comfort while saving significantly on energy cost and CO² emissions. The initial goal was to storm the Dutch market to save at least 1 billion of CO²-emissions on gas/energy usage for heating.


Having been embraced by the Dutch homeowners, the next, logical step is to expand to those countries where SpeedComfort fits the heating infrastructure and where it can make an energy-saving impact. The first step is the UK and Germany, followed by Austria, Sweden, and many more.  


AVAILABLE FOR INTERVIEW: Roland Glancy, Managing Director, UK operations at SpeedComfort.