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FREE Invitation to 'Power of Paraiba' tourmaline talk - 17th Feb

Dear  - did you know that the Paraiba tourmaline gemstone is infinitely rarer than diamonds? Or that it's the copper element that gives it that ethereal blue glow? Join British contemporary fine jeweller Tayma Page Allies of TAYMA Fine Jewellery for a fascinating talk on 'The Power of Paraiba' taking place over London Fashion Week at the Royal Institution on February 17th at 2.30pm.  The event is bookable via  or respond to me for a complimentary seat!

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Acclaimed British contemporary jewellery designer,Tayma Page Alliesof her eponymous brand TAYMA Fine Jewellery, Hong Kong, will talk to gem and jewellery enthusiasts on ‘the Power of Paraiba'tourmaline at The Royal Institution at 2.30pm on Monday, 17thFebruary.   TAYMA Fine Jewellery celebrates 30 years of operation in Hong Kong this year, during which time she has pioneered the introduction of many coloured gemstones to the conservative Hong Kong and Asia market, including Paraiba tourmaline, which she launched in 2005.

The event is part of a two-day series of talks over London Fashion Weekorganised by The Jewellery Cut, a platform launched in 2018 by jewellery writer Rachael Taylor and consultant Andrew Martyniuk to promote independent designers and "introduce a new generation to one of Britain's oldest and most cherished crafts".  The Jewellery Cut has been named one of the top six jewellery Instagram accounts to follow by the New York Times, amongst other impressive 

About TAYMA Fine Jewellery:

TAYMA Fine Jewellery was founded in Hong Kong in 1990 by British designer and entrepreneur Tayma Page Allies, specialising in contemporary hand-made pieces for stylish women. Often with exclusive access to restricted mines and archives, each new coloured gem and pearl is carefully selected and its properties enhanced by Tayma's unique designs. TAYMA Fine Jewellery pioneered the introduction to the Hong Kong market of some of the industry's most exciting coloured and exotic gemstones; including Rubellite Tourmaline in 1995, Watermelon Tourmaline in 1997, Paraiba Tourmaline in 2005, and Mandarin Garnet in 2007. Please 


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TAYMA Atelier, 9D Ho Lee Commercial Bldg. 38-44 D'Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong