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Dappled and distinct, Dakota from Königstone

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28 January 2020 

Dappled and distinct, Dakota from Königstone


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Königstone is the expert provider in worktops for beautiful and practical kitchens. The KönigQuartz range consists of an impressive range of easily maintainable and aesthetically appealing 90% Quartz worktops. Dakota is the brand new colour option guaranteed to add an enticing and unique twist to your kitchen space.

The dappled grey and white colour palette of this surface makes it the perfect candidate to introduce a distinct element of individuality to your kitchen whilst ensuring that classic appeal is retained. The glossy effect of a KönigQuartz surface creates an instantly luxurious effect and is attractively light balancing.

Dakota has the appearance of a natural stone, with chameleon-like properties that make it flexible in its ability to complement a range of kitchen styles. Paired with light cabinetry and appliances, the Dakota work surface will become a statement feature in your kitchen. Alternatively, if you're looking to make a striking statement, the Dakota shade will work with bright surrounding colours and furniture to create bold  visuals. 

The additional benefit of opting for a KönigQuartz worktop is the guarantee of quality preservation. The surfaces boast high stain, heat and scratch resistance. The Dakota work surface is a perfect demonstration of there being no need to compromise on practicality in favour of style. Both are combined impressively within this greyscale finish.

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Notes to editor

Königstone takes its name from the German word for "king" and provides quartz and natural stone products of the highest quality for use as surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. Königstone has developed strong relationships to understand the capabilities and ethics of its suppliers and has been able to collaborate on developing new colours. It only supplies approved fabricators and installers to ensure each homeowner's project is in good hands from start to finish.

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