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ESAB shapes the future


27 January 2020 

ESAB shapes the future

By connecting people, product and technology, we evolve. Together,we shape the futureof welding and cutting. 

 The new magazine,LAUNCH, fromESAB, the world's leading authority on all things welding, includes an inspirational message for every part of the industry, and supporting industries, and reinforces the company's position at the top of this progressive market. Here are snippets from the first issue, but you can order your own free copyhere.

As fabricators and fabricators' friends, we do some pretty epic work. And none of it would be possible without each and every one of us - the welders, the distributors, the engineers; the tools of the trade.

The worldwide company is committed to, and driven by, shaping the future of the industry. It's what the Group has always done; taking pride in combining extensive knowledge and experience, with high performing high quality products, with a hunger to innovate and improve.

Our goal is to make our customers great. Every day, we aim to deliver solutions that not only improve customers' productivity but also brings peace of mind with results that can be trusted in all situations. If our customers run into problems, they know we always have their back. This is a journey, not an end state. As our industry moves into the next day of age we are ready for the challenge wherever it will take us.

ESAB Welding & Cutting is a leader in the welding and cutting industry. From time-honoured processes in welding and cutting to revolutionary technologies in mechanised cutting and automation, ESAB's filler metals, equipment, and accessories bring solutions to customers around the globe. For more information,


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