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Smart design from BLANCO provides hot water on tap



15 January 2020

Smart design from BLANCO provides hot water on tap

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The BLANCO TAMPERA hot tap brings smart design to your kitchen without compromising on safety. Enjoy the convenience of your favourite hot drink instantly and hassle free cooking when you need it the most with this 3-in-1 (cold, boiling and warm) mixer tap. BLANCO has taken the hassle out of food and drink preparation with this innovative tap that promises to bring an extra layer of functionality to your kitchen. The water is purified to reduce limescale and contaminants whilst preserving its taste neutral qualities.

With one simple touch of a button experience the beauty of having hot water on tap. To keep your little ones safe BLANCO has installed a rotary knob feature. Hot water flows only when the knob is touched and turned at the same time, ensuring that the hot water stops flowing as soon as it is released. The spout is insulated to keep grown up hands protected too. Time in the kitchen really counts and BLANCO is making it simpler with smart technology creations. 

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