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Bellingham & Bellingham Precious Collection 2020


  Haute Joaillerie Precious Collection Brand New for 2020

 by Bellingham & Bellingham


A British master craftsman who has created the finest objets d'art for the rich and famous including presidents and royalty the world over has launched a new haute joaillerie brand following a brush with devastating ill health.

As one of the UK's few master goldsmiths, Bellingham spent ten years at Asprey in Bond Street, gaining every possible qualification. He set up his own ateliers in Paris and London to supply the legendary jewellery houses of Garrard, Hermes, Cartier, Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Tiffany & Co.

Bellingham's reputation as one of the world's finest craftsmen grew exponentially, taking him to the Middle East. His work was compared with that of Carl Fabergé and he supplied commissions for the White House and the Saudi royal family.

Five years ago he was misdiagnosed with a heart attack and the hospital severed his radial artery. After going hours undetected, by the time doctors discovered their error, they had to fight to save his arm, but it has left him with compartment syndrome and chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS) - the worst pain known to man.

CRPS is ranked higher than childbirth on the McGill pain scale, and it has left Tony in agony every second of every day to the point that if he washes his hands with water, he's left with third degree burns.

Tony explains: "The stupid thing is, brushing your teeth, combing your hair...all the personal things you do for yourself, you don't realise....putting on your suddenly have to dump all your lace up shoes."

To see how far Tony's come in 5 years then, shows incredible determination to get back to where he once was. From creating a World Title boxing belt to making ‘objets d'art' for royalty and presidents, Tony's artwork can be seen all around the world. His most significant piece, his first since he began completely retraining to use his arm again is a stunning gold falcon, perched on a Middle Eastern silver and blue enamel stand and finished with diamonds and sapphires, expected to sell for over a quarter of a million GBP - it's also a B & O speaker as well.

In the wake of a remarkable recovery Tony Bellingham has also created a brand new collection of fine jewellery. Photos available upon request.


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If you would like to interview Tony Bellingham about his life and work, his unique take on crafting outstanding jewellery and objets d'art and his clients, please let me know.