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Transform the kitchen in as little as one day

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10 January 2020 

Transform the kitchen in as little as one day

Have breakfast in your old kitchen and dinner in a new one!

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Ready for a new kitchen in a day? There is a newTRENDdeveloping and all you need to know is

Don't start over; makeover. That is the message from Granite & TREND Transformations, with showrooms all over the UK, which means you can transform your kitchen in just one day.

Dust, debris, disruption, delay, wasted units destined for landfill; no longer a challenge!

You may simply want a new worktop; or appliances; or doors; or sink space; or tiles and splashbacks. Whatever the combination for your new dream kitchen, Granite & TREND Transformations will do the work.

With your existing layout, the team will retain your perfectly good base units and simply install new worktops - on top of your current ones - and/or replace doors, appliances and whatever else your design demands.

Granite & TREND Transformations' vast range of colour options, styles and finishes create a completely different look and feel for you.

A unique feature of a Granite & TREND Transformations kitchen is‘the top that fits on a top'. The company has quartz and granite worktops that fit like a glove over your existing worktop. Traditionally quartz and granite worktops were too heavy to be placed over an existing worktop, but Granite & TREND Transformations' system retains all the durability, elegance, touch, feel and look of the materials, but are only a fraction of the depth and weight, making them perfect to fit over existing countertops. Unlike traditional granite and quartz though, TREND worktops are maintenance free thanks to a sealing formula called ForeverSeal® that prevents the need for any sort of maintenance or resealing in the future. 

The range of styles, colours and finishes for drawer and cupboard door replacement is extensive and with a multitude of tile options that are eco-friendly and use up to 73% recycled glass, your dream kitchen can help the environment and look stylish. 

Granite & TREND Transformations has a commitment to the environment which is at the core of the business. From using sustainable materials, including recycled glass made of 72% post-consumer waste, to using recycled and/or reusable packaging, the dedication to implementing processes that protect and preserve the planet are at the heart of Granite & TREND Transformations. In essence, theymine it, make it, install it.

The nature of the business enables homeowners to keep existing kitchens and bathrooms and simply update the look without worrying about the environmental impact. The old units become upcycled instead of contributing to landfill waste -10 million other household items end up in landfill each year.

For further information on Granite & TREND Transformations, please call 0808 149 5914 or visit          


Note to editors

Granite & TREND Transformations remodels kitchens and bathrooms without the disruption of completely removing the old ones.  The secret is new worktops - on top of old ones, new doors, new tiles and splashbacks, and new appliances in the current layout. The company has franchises all over the UK and all is detailed at

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