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The 15 Minute diet plan designed to make healthy eating easy and affordable

The 15 Minute diet plan that anyone has time for

A new diet plan, centred around affordability and time efficiency, has just launched ahead of the January health craze. 15minutediet.comis based on the premise that everything you do takes no longer than 15 minutes. 

  • Subscribers have unlimited access to 15 min recipes, 15 min workouts, 15 min motivational videos, 15 min cooking shows and more
  • Subscription based website is just £8 per month
  • Diet options include vegetarian, vegan, keto, over 50's, children.



The plan is based on the idea that dieting doesn't need to be expensive, time consuming, or a challenge on lifestyle and routine. Members pay a monthly subscription, which they can cancel at any time, and can access a number of features.

It's based on the premise that knowledge is power and so supplies members not just with recipes, but with nutritional knowledge and motivation so they can carry it forever, not just as a temporary diet plan.

The features are based on a six-pronged approach to losing weight:

  • Diet (promoted with 15-minute recipes for 3 meals a day, 7 days a week) 
  • Exercise (aided by 15-minute workouts, presented by professional personal trainers such as footballer Matt Bodkin) 
  • Motivation (provided by 15-minute ‘chat shows' featuring people with diet success stories) 
  • Education (Provided by health-related articles)
  • Interest (Helped with 15-minute cooking shows to showcase the recipes)
  • Accountability (provided by a weekly tool to help users track their progress, which takes no longer than 15 minutes to complete) 

Dieters can choose their diet plan from the standard ‘healthy living' or keto, vegan, vegetarian, over 50s, children. 

The keto diet (or ketogenic diet) is a very low carb, high-fat diet. For those who are super-serious about the keto diet, they can join the sister

A subscription to the whole package, which includes unlimited access to all content, is just £8 a month making it accessible to all with no need to leave the house for exercise. founder Paul Homewoodsays, "Dieting is hard enough so it shouldn't have to be expensive, nor a challenge. If anything, it should be enjoyable. I designed it because I wanted something practical for people with busy lives. The 15 Minute focus keeps lifestyle and routine changes to a minimum.

Dieting can be solitary, so I wanted to create an online supportive environment where users have access to health advisors and motivationalvideos. The philosophy is success of another encourages and motivates others to achieve the same. More people fail on diets than they do on giving up smoking. The chat shows and cooking shows bring an entertaining side to the diet, and also drives motivation to succeed."

Paul is available for:

  • Writing guest posts around diet tips
  • Writing guest post around importance of motivation in dieting
  • Providing sample 15-minute recipes
  • Giving journalists / bloggers guest log in to try the site
  • Providing any quotes on the above

 For more info please contact:

Paul Homeward, Founder and

Eva Charalambous, PR Consultant
+44 7801 354 566