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Kent Online item on unique masterpiece created by Tony Bellingham


Please see below a link to Kent Online, on a unique masterpiece by craftsman Tony Bellingham and the real-life drama behind its creation.

Six years ago Tony Bellingham from London had the world at his feet. As one of the UK's few master goldsmiths, Bellingham had achieved the highest professional qualifications including design, sculpting in silver and gold, carving precious hard stones, diamond mounting, setting precious stones and engineering.

After 10 years at Asprey in Bond Street, he set up his own ateliers in Paris and London to supply the legendary jewellery houses including Asprey, Garrard, Hermes, Cartier, Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Tiffany & Co.

Bellingham's work was coveted by royal families and heads of state, in fact he supplied to four US Presidents and even Royal families from the Middle East.

He travelled worldwide to seek out the ultimate in quality stones and commissions from the Middle East followed, leading to a permanent office in Dubai. His work was compared with that of Carl Fabergé; the master craftsman's star was soaring and everything he touched turned quite literally, to gold. However, following serious health issues, Tony Bellingham had no choice but to return to the UK. After much time and patience, he has resumed his passion for creating exquisite jewellery pieces. The result is the 'House of' Bellingham and Bellingham. His work is still instantly recognisable, and in demand the world over by clients who cherish the kudos and desirability associated with owning an original piece created by the master. Prices upon application and comprehensive hi-res images available, as well as detailed collection portfolios.

The crowning piece in the current collection is an exquisite gold, enamel and lapiz lazuli falcon, studded with diamonds and concealing a state-of the-art B&O bluetooth speaker. The ultimate desk toy, retailing at a cool quarter of a million GBP, it is the embodiment of unique luxe.