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IDEAL Networks keeps connected in Australia

December 2019
IDEAL Networks keeps connected in Australia
IDEAL Networks is now directly connecting with data cable installers and network technicians throughout Australia, following innovative new product launches.
The independent global manufacturer of data cable and network testers came under new ownership in December 2018 and subsequently introduced several new cable and network testing solutions. For instance, the innovative LanTEK IV cable certifier which sets new standards with a completely unique, future-proof way to certify data cable, and the handy PoE Pro which supports installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of PoE devices and data cabling.
During this period of change, the Australian market has been supported by previous owners IDEAL INDUSTRIES as part of a Transitional Service Agreement, which comes to an end on 20th December 2019.
Effective from 18th December 2019, IPD Group, which now includes TRIO Test and Measurement, will support the IDEAL Networks product range in Australia including sales, technical support and training. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, the company has extensive technical knowledge to meet the needs of Data Cable Installers and Network Technicians nationwide.  Extron will continue to repair and calibrate the testers.
A new IDEAL Networks website for Australia, launched in June 2019, also provides users with detailed product information, local prices, free software updates and other helpful resources.
Gordon White, Regional Sales Manager for IDEAL Networks will be managing the Australian business. For any further enquiries please contact   
Meanwhile, IDEAL INDUSTRIES will continue to sell and support all of its products for electricians via its preferred distribution channels throughout Australia. 
For more details regarding the IDEAL Networks portfolio, visit 

About IDEAL Networks
IDEAL Networks offers easy to use data cable testers for cable installers and network testers to assist IT technicians with troubleshooting. The data cable tester range includes copper and fibre testers for cable verification, Ethernet transmission testing and cable certification that provide proof of performance. The unique network tester range helps to pinpoint and solve networking issues quickly. They decrease downtime by allowing field technicians to discover the root cause of network connectivity issues such as incorrect IP configuration, rogue network services, network bandwidth issues and PoE supply problems.  

About IPD Group Limited
IPD is a privately owned Australian company with a national footprint servicing the electrical industry, providing quality global brands for over 60 years. We are proud to employ over 160 professional people in areas such as engineering, sales & logistics.
In April 2018, IPD acquired TRIO Test & Measurement, a preferred supplier of test solutions including data cable and network testers utilised by electrical and security system contractors, AV technicians, IT network and data centre installers and managers.