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Give a gift that doesn't cost the earth this Christmas

Give a gift that doesn't cost the earth this Christmas

New Eco-friendly board game, Nudge made from 100% recyclable materials

When it comes to festive family bonding nothing beats battling it out over a board game and this year, Nudge is ready to push families over the edge! For teens who've outgrown the classic board games, or adults who are time-short but love gaming, this incredibly simple yet fiendishly addictive abstract strategy game is the perfect stocking stuffer. And, it's made from 100% recyclable materials to guarantee as little environmental impact as possible, so there will be no complaints from the eco-warriors on your list.

Here's how it works: You need two players, open the box and flip a disc to see who starts. Each player takes it in turns to make two moves - yes two moves - every turn. You can move individual discs one square at a time or move two squares with your two moves, either forwards, backwards or sideways and in any combination of these, but you can't move a disc diagonally. To make things more interesting, you can move rows of linked discs together lengthways, like train carriages, one square at a time, which counts as one move, but you can't move rows widthways. To nudge an opponent's disc, you have to outnumber them lengthways - two against one. The first player to force their opponent's counter off the edge of the board wins. Time for a rematch or, if you're playing a tournament, get the next two family members up to play!

Environmentally friendly design

Where most games rely on plastic counters, Nudge's game discs are made from a starch-based bio-plastic. If left exposed to the elements, Mother Nature will welcome the potato-based counters back into her arms within 3 to 6 months.

"Too much plastic packaging annoys me so I was determined to make a game that relies more on the gameplay than overproduction and still maintains its character," says creator, Dan Bramham. "Inspired by games like Chess and 9 Men's Morris, I started thinking about what makes a great abstract strategy game but doesn't require hours of gameplay. After many months of playtesting, layout adjustment and material testing, I finally nailed it. Players can enjoy Nudge knowing that every component has been carefully considered to minimise its environmental impact and they don't need to invest hours every time they want to play."

Rather than a fully printed gameboard, Dan, a designer at Greenwich Design which produced the game, created a fully recycled debossed greyboard and the outer packaging is made from FSC certified fluted kraft board. He chose a single-colour print intentionally, to minimise production and help reduce environmental waste. Even the mailing bags are bio-plastic and the box has been designed to ship as a large letter to save on postage. One percent of all game sales will be donated to The Woodland Trust - after all Nudge wouldn't be possible without trees.

The game is now available for £9.99 plus P&P you can follow Nudge's story on social media @nudgegames.