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New industrial 12-inch TFT-LCDs boost viewing performance and power efficiency






New industrial 12-inch TFT-LCDs boost viewing performance and power efficiency

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     12.1" AUO G121EAN01.2 for superior brightness with wide viewing angle

     12.5" LG LP125WF4-SPQ1 for low profile and latest eDP interface


Two new 12-inch colour TFT displays from Display Technology Ltd offer superior performance for applications that require consistent readability in challenging conditions or full-HD with high image quality and low power consumption.

The AUO G121EAN01.2 12.1" WXGA display has outstanding white luminance of 1000Cd/m2 (typical) to display images, graphics, and text clearly under a high level of ambient light. The wide viewing angle, 89° in both axes, ensures consistent visual performance and eases use in equipment such as machine-control panels, ticketing systems, and small displays for exhibition booths, museums, galleries, or similar. The operating ambient-temperature range of -30°C to 85°C allows use in industrial or outdoor settings, and the built-in LED-backlight driver simplifies system integration.

The 12.5" LG LP125WF4-SPQ1 has an ultra-slim 2.85mm profile for use where space is at a premium. With full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution in a 290mm x 170mm outline, the LP125WF4-SPQ1 features the latest embedded DisplayPort (eDP) interface that delivers a combination of high speed and frame rate, low power -- drawing just 2.8W (typical) overall -- and low EMI. Display Technology can provide a companion LVDS-to-eDP interface board, LVDS2EDP-03, to ease integration with systems that provide only an LVDS output, such as some industrial PCs.

Each of the displays features a 30-way connector that allows simple connection to the host system, requiring only the eDP or LVDS display signals, low-voltage logic power supply, and 12V backlight power supply. Both are in stock now at Display Technology. Please visit the website or call for further information and to place an order.



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