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Q-Park invest in new security system roll out to improve customer safety

Q-Park invest in new security system roll out to improve customer safety 

Q-Park are undertaking a significant project in which they are investing £500,000 in a state-of-the-art CCTV system across their estate. This investment aims to improve the existing operational cameras with the latest technology in addition to increasing coverage across both pedestrian and vehicle areas.


The Q-Park brand is synonymous with safe and secure parking facilities and they currently have industry-leading security features. The majority of the facilities include vehicle entrance automated shutters and ticket only pedestrian doors to ensure only customers have access. These security features are combined with regular patrols by parking hosts and supported by a CCTV monitoring system.


Q-Park pride themselves on using the latest technology available and this project involves 1,100 cameras being installed across 47 different locations. The new cameras provide HD quality footage which gives Q-Park better image clarity with real-time recording and playback facility which is available to view by the 24/7 Customer Service Team.


The main focus of the CCTV systems is to monitor activity in the pedestrian stairwells and parking areas with additional cameras being fitted to cover any previously known blind spots. Q-Park operational staff work tirelessly to identify new areas where the provision of cameras will lead to an improvement in service to their valued customers.


Adam Bidder, Managing Director of Q-Park, commented ‘We are delighted to be able to further improve the safety and security measures that we have to keep our customers safe. We are proud to lead the industry in using video surveillance systems within our quality car parks.'


The installation program commenced in March 2019 and will be completed by the end of 2019.