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Top tips for creating the perfect Halloween kitchen!

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23 October 2019

Top tips for creating the perfect Halloween kitchen!

Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Halloween Kitchen!

With Halloween fast approaching, what better than a bit of kitchen design inspiration to create the perfect setting for your Halloween parties, dinner parties, or simply ghostly gatherings.

Your kitchen is your cosy and beloved space year-round, responsible for cooking up all kinds of trouble daily. However, this is the time of year to really cook up some bewitching magic and illusion. So, if you want to know the trick to making your kitchen décor a real treat this Halloween, we have some seasonal suggestions just for you.


Nothing screams ‘Halloween' quite like pumpkins appearing in our supermarkets! Pumpkin carving is great fun for all the family and at the end you have some unique pumpkin art to display around your kitchen. It's easy to do and there are plenty of suggestions online on where to start. You can use them as centre pieces or outdoor decorations. Any size pumpkin will do, there are suitable designs for any pumpkin from huge to small. Also remember, pumpkins are not only great for scary and funny designs, autumnal themes are also great and very effective.


Table Centrepieces

The essential part of decorating your kitchen for Halloween is the centrepiece. The kitchen or dining room table display is where it all comes together. Nothing is offlimits, have fun and be creative. Stick with the classic colours of black or orange for a spooky feel or go with the autumnal theme. Wooden fruit bowls stocked with apples, grapes and other vibrant fruits can bring a rustic, harvest-like feel to your kitchen or if you prefer,there are some great ready-made arrangements available online that won't spoil and don't need replacing. Pinterest is a great place to start looking for inspiration.


Creepy Centrepieces

A bowl of sweets or treats is the easiest solution and goes down very well with your guests. A whole host of spooky sweets are available at supermarkets. A scary hand crawling into the bowl or some plastic toy spiders crawling out add some extra creepiness. Candles are also great;plenty of orange and black candles are available or add a spooky candlestick stand. As they are used, the wax dripping down can create a fantastic macabre effect for your guests. And don't forget to keep a place free for Mr Skeleton at the dinner table.



The sky is the limit! Clutter and claustrophobia are the trademarks of Halloween.  Embellish your kitchen with some spine-chilling and fun decorations. Put decorations where your guests least expect it.Try hanging some skulls in netting from the ceilingorwhy not hang a plastic skeleton on the back of your kitchen door, or even better put them to work! Position them so they are performing the usual household duties. Skeletons can do dishes, cook on the stove, or even clean up. Don't waste this extra pair of hands! Add a scary cobweb to your kitchen windows and stick some scary spiders to your kitchen fridge or dishwasher. A very affective and simple decoration is the face in the jar, there are plenty of places on line to buy them or simply make your own!

Gloomy lighting

For a really quick and easy way to transform the atmosphere in your kitchen,replace your existing light bulbs with spooky green and orange ones. Somesheer black netting hung from your ceiling can enhance this eerie look. Getting some Halloween themed crockery, display jars, cutlery and other utensils can be a cheap and clever way of adding an extra air of spook.


Creepy cauldrons

Thesecan be creatively used to create a magical and practical decoration. No spooky kitchen is complete without a witch's cauldron, and it can be cleverly used to serve your guests cold drinks. 


Freaky dry ice

Dry ice is available from any party shop and readily available online. This simple addition to yourHalloween shopping list can add the most dramatic effect to your kitchen space. Nothing sends a chill up your spine like the effect of mysterious fog flowing freely from your kitchen sink. Ask for advice from your local party shop and make sureyouread up about dry ice safety if this is your first time working with the solid form of carbon dioxide.

And finally...

The devil is in the detail, don't forget the food! The real trick to getting your Halloween kitchen completely ready is by adding a touch of Halloween to everything. Why not present a meat platter from a skeleton body or cover a plastic skull in some beautiful fleshy prosciutto.

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