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ESAB redesigns psf mig/mag torches for enhanced garden metalwork


22 October 2019 

ESAB redesigns psf mig/mag torches for enhanced industrial performance in the garden metalwork world
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The modernised PSF series of MIG/MAG welding torches from ESAB Welding & Cutting Products includes the new PSF 520Wwater-cooled torch. It features a 100% duty cycle rating at 500 A with both mixed gas and CO2, to take on demanding jobs in the garden metalwork industry with wires up to 1.6 mm in diameter.

The PSF 520W features a dual-circuit cooling system that brings cooling water all the way to the seat of the gas nozzle, as well as to the conductor tube. The torch stays cooler and more comfortable in high-heat and high arc-on time applications, such as pulsed MIG welding and using large diameter Flux-Cored wires.

Additional benefits of reduced heat through dual-circuit cooling include better wire feedability, longer consumables life, a more stable arc, lower spatter adhesion, easier cleaning and less risking of shielding gas turbulence.

The PSF series also includes the PSF 420W water-cooled torch (100% duty cycle rating at 450 A) and fourgas-cooled models(the PSF 260, PSF 315, PSF 415 and PSF 515) with ratings from 225 A to 450 A at 60% percent duty cycle. Cable length options include 3, 4 and 5 m. While the front-end has been completely redesigned, the wear parts remain fully compatible with the time-proven heritage PSF wear parts. This includes long-lasting contact tips made from a premium copper chromium zirconium alloy that resists wear so you can weld longer on a single tip.

Engineered for Easier Handling

All PSF torches feature an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable and firm hold while helping avoid hand fatigue. The PSF 260 features a small, compact handle and rotatable neck so you can weld in more places without changing positions. The larger PSFs, including the water-cooled models, have rubberized soft-grip areas plus knuckle joints and spring supports that improve flexibility to reduce wrist strain.

In addition to the premium PSF series, ESAB also offers an expanded and enhanced its series of MXL MIG/MAG torches for industrial-duty applications. ESAB boosted the duty cycle from 35 to 60% on air-cooled models and, while the water-cooled models are rated at 100%. All MXL torches feature knuckle joints, spring supports, an ergonomic rubberized soft-grip areas for handles on the MXL 341, 411W and 511W and a refreshed front-end design that accepts standard ESAB consumables.

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