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Gin expert & new book 'How to Drink Gin': International G&T Day on 19th Oct!

We were so excited to hear about International G&T Day, not just because it's our favourite after-work tipple, but because we are working on the launch of a new book by gin expert, Sue Telford! How To Drink Gin is out just five days after International Gin & Tonic Day (19th October) and we'd love to send you a copy of this gorgeous new book and set up a call/interview/editorial from gin expert Sue. The press release is below and do get in touch if you'd like more info!
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How To Drink Gin on National Gin & Tonic Day

Make It, Mix It, Master It - new book out this month by Sue Telford

19thOctober is International Gin & Tonic Day

  • Author of new book, How To Drink Gin, and gin expert, Sue Telford, available for interview, media comment & editorial commission.
  • Advance Review Copies (digital and paperback).
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A close up of a signDescription automatically generatedLondon, United Kingdom, 17thOctober 2019: Gin blogger, photographer, home-distiller, and cocktail connoisseur, Sue Telford, is the author of a new book called ‘How To Drink Gin: Make It, Mix It, Master It', due for release just five days after International Gin & Tonic Day (RedDoor Press, £12.99, 24thOctober 2019)!


According to Sue, who currently has more than 50 gins at home in Norfolk, there are so many amazing gins out there that it is difficult to pick a favourite for International Gin & Tonic Day. She says, "My all-time favourite cocktail has to be the martini. I had the most memorable truffle martini in Barcelona last year.'


And what should people serve with gin if they want to partake in International Gin & Tonic Day? "Olives," says Sue. "In a martini."


Gin is officially the UK's favourite tipple (Kantar) but it's not quite at the heady heights of the 1700s when, by 1743, England was consuming a staggering 10 litres of gin per person annually! Over a quarter of the UK population purchased gin in 2018, up from 10% four years prior. With so many of us drinking gin, it's no surprise that there's growing interest in how to make, mix and master this delicious spirit. ButHow to Drink Ginis not all about the history of gin - like so many books on the market. It offers practical help so readers can make better choices in bars, online and in the supermarket, and at home when buying or serving gin. It's a practical, cookery-style book about gin that demystifies this most versatile of spirits. Fully illustrated with beautiful photographs and line drawings, this book makes gin culture and cocktails accessible and fun.


Discover how gin is made, gen up on key botanicals, learn how to properly taste gin, ‘build' your own go-to gin cabinet, create simple but effective garnishes and master a few classic gin cocktails on the way.


If you would like to make a toast on the 19th, Sue recommends this recipe - A French 75 - which makes a great cocktail for occasions and parties:

Traditionally the French 75 is made with fresh lemon juice but this riff on the cocktail substitutes cranberry juice for the lemon to make a more festive party drink.


  • 45 ml London Dry gin
  • 15 ml cranberry juice
  • 5 ml simple syrup
  • 75 ml champagne



  • Add first 3 ingredients to a shaker with ice.
  • Shake until cold and beads of condensation start to form on the outside of the shaker. This drink needs to be really cold to taste its best.
  • Strain through a Hawthorne strainer into a champagne flute.
  • Top with champagne.
  • Garnish with mint and fresh cranberries.



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A picture containing person, indoor, wall, womanDescription automatically generatedSue Telford is a Norfolk-based writer, gin blogger and cocktail photographer with a love of craft gin, cocktails and fresh flavours. In 2017, inspired by the craft gin revolution, she bought a tiny 4L air still, got herself licensed by HMRC, and effectively turned her little 9ft by 9ft kitchen into a weekend gin distillery where she set about distilling with enthusiasm. At the time, she knew nothing about distilling, although she was a keen home cook and loved experimenting with flavours. She quickly learned through a lot of trial and error and internet research. And she is still learning. Her cocktail photographs with their distinctive style have been featured by gin distillers.

Sue has two teenage children and five years ago went through treatment for breast cancer and sepsis. When she turned 50, Sue decided to hire a DSLR camera, start a blog about gin, and turn her life-long love of all things creative (and gin!), into a passion project. Fast-forward two years and How To Drink Gin is born!



Title:How To Drink Gin

Author:Sue Telford

Genre:Food & Drink, Lifestyle

Publisher:RedDoor Publishing

Publication date:October 24 2019

Availability:Hardback, International distribution



Price: £12.99