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Update your kitchen with an overlay worktop

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14 October 2019 

Update your kitchen with an overlay worktop

Have you moved into a new home and the kitchen isn't really to your taste? Or maybe you have lived in your current home for many years and fancy a change? Why not consider a makeover... you can easily change the complete look and feel of your kitchen without ripping out your old one,saving a lot of time, money and disruption! For theeco-friendlyamong us, a makeover saves on landfill by keeping elements of your kitchen that do not need to be replaced unnecessarily.  These elements include your cabinet carcass, if they are in good working order, a new door will immediately change the look of your kitchen. Why pay for new cabinets when the old ones are fine? There are also worktops available that are made fromrecycled materialsmaking your kitchen even more environmentally friendly.

Homeowners often ask, why would I cover my worksurface rather than just buy a solid surface? Can any worktop surface be covered? Will they look as good as a solid stone worktop? So, Granite & TREND Transformations are de-bunking myths and providing answers for your questions.

Overlay vs solid surface

This is personal choice; however, many of Granite & TREND Transformations' customers who currently have solid granite worktops don't know that you can overlay these. Often our customers want to change their worktops as trends change. Dark granite was the trend a few years ago and many houses opted for darker worktops. This has most certainly changed and current trends are for neutral and lighter colours such as grey and white.

Removing solid granite worktops and replacing them with a new solid surface can be difficult. The worktop is bonded into place by a strong adhesive. This generally means that once the worktop is removed the cabinet underneath is damaged and will need replacing.

Customers who do not want the expense or disruption of ripping out their old kitchen cabinets and replacing them in order to change the worktop are best suited to a kitchen makeover company who have the capability of creating an overlay to fit directly over the current granite worktop. Due to the strength and stability of granite, it is the perfect surface to cover.

Another thing to consider is maintenance. Ensure when you are researching the material you require you understand fully how much care and maintenance that material needs in order to stay looking its best. Marble, for example, has challenges that come with traditional marble, such as its porous, soft nature, which isn't ideal for high-traffic, busy areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Overlay companies use engineered stone which is an agglomerate that looks like the real stone but comes with benefits which include nonporous, stain and scratch-resistant, mould and mildew-resistant, and easy tomaintain including no need to reseal.

Can I cover any worktop?

Technically the answer is yes. That is one of the main qualities of worktop overlays.  As long as you have a strong, stable worktop, thin granite, quartz or recycled glass surfaces can be fitted directly on top. As mentioned above, granite worktops are perfect for a new updated overlay due to the strength and stability of the material. It is not recommended to cover wooden surfaces as these can be uneven and slightly unstable. Moisture absorption in timber should be equal both sides to control seasonal movement, so the last thing you want is to have one surface more susceptible to moisture than the other i.e. cover it with Granite & TREND Transformations etherium by Estone surfaces. Simply put, if it does, it increases the chance of the substrate, in this instance timber, of warping. Of course, you can also remove your existing worktop and lay down a new base of plywood and cement board and apply the stone overlay to this.

The way this works is a designer will visit your hometo measure your surfaces exactly and investigate whether the worktop is suitable for an engineered stone overlay. Fabricators will then create the overlay to fit over your worktops exactly. This process ensures very little disruption and can be done in just one day.

Will they look as good as solid surfaces?
If your worktop is being covered make sure you understand how thick your worktop will be once finished.  Some companies are unable to supply thin coverings which means your worktop could end up looking too thick and unrealistic. This may be your preference, but it is a question you should ask up front for you toyou achieve the end result you require.


  •                  Quick to install, it can be done in as little as a day.
  •                  Your existing layout remainsthe sameand therefore no demolition is required saving you the disruption involved in full kitchen replacement.
  •                  Greener: You save the expense of sending your existing worktops to the landfill.
  •                  Get the exact kitchen look you like as the range of engineered stone colours andfinishes is extensive.

Get the kitchen of your dreams without the hassle and cost of replacing your existing kitchen. Resurface your worktops with top quality, customised worktops designed, made and installed by Granite and TREND Transformations.

With a selection of showrooms nationwide, it's easy to get in touch with a Granite & TREND Transformations design consultant to find out how you can transform your kitchen the hassle-free way.For further information on Granite & TREND Transformations, please call 0808 149 5914 or visit                                   


Note to editors

Granite & TREND Transformations remodels kitchens and bathrooms without the disruption of completely removing the old ones.  The secret is new worktops - on top of old ones, new doors, new tiles and splashbacks, and additional functionality in the current layout. The company has franchises all over the UK and all is detailed at

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