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Queen of Harley Street endorses Duchess of York's treatments



The Duchess Makeover: a royal appraisal from the Queen of Harley Street.


Queen of Harley Street, Lesley Reynolds, co-founder of the celebrity's favourite choice Harley Street Skin Clinic says an ever-increasing number of women like the Duchess of York are opting for the latest non and semi invasive procedures to rejuvenate and beautify themselves without going under the knife.

Sarah Ferguson, Elizabeth Nabel

Lesley comments that the treatments the Duchess has opted for are relatively affordable and extremely effective, with minimum downtime. Demand for these 'tweakments' is overwhelming, with more and more ladies opting for a bespoke combination of the very latest therapies.

 She says treatments like top-up botox, vitamin injections, organic fillers, laser face lifts and threads are now much more widely available. They are effective, relatively affordable with minimum downtime which is important especially for working women and the increasing numbers of older ladies who want to stay looking good. The Duchess of York looks wonderful after her treatments and as technology advances, these enhancements can become a mainstream boost for every woman.



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Lesley comments on the new game-changing treatments below:

Lesley recommends the new Laser and Light Facial: The most technically advanced 8 step facial leaves skin smoother, more radiant and more nourished, and stays that way for months as new collagen is formed.

Micro-injections of a cocktail of vitamins and peptides increase skin moisture naturally, helping to fade fine lines and age spots as well as boosting collagen and elastin production.

My Natural Filler

Areas in need of a little volume can be plumped in a way which actually improves over time, rather than diminishes, with the additional bonus that the fat has been removed from a part of the body such as the tummy or thighs to create a honed, tauter contour.

With continually improving results, the treated area will appear firmer, fresher and more youthful, as well as gloriously plumped. It's heaven-sent perfection with zero percent rejection. Improvements will steadily continue over the next few months.

There is already a celebrity waiting list for this ultra-safe, ultra-modern new treatment.

45-Minute PDO Lift: the latest lunchtime thread lift uses specially adapted threads producing results are similar to a surgical face-lift, lifting & tightening the skin, softening wrinkles and because the threads boost collagen over time, the process will also tighten pores and create volume. The procedure is ideal for drooping foreheads and heavy brows, the outer eyebrow area, and sagging cheeks, smile lines as well as jowls and double chin. The effects are instant and results can last 18 months to 3 years.