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FROM ALDERLEY EDGE, Janice Sylvia Brock, was born with Stills disease yet has achieved international acclaim. Her work has been exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, shown in a private viewing attended by Prince Charles and hangs in the White House.

Janice is only 4' 10 " tall and lives in constant pain. She is forced to paint holding the brush with two crippled hands. (Pictures Attached)

Janice has just spent the last four and a half months (often lifted in a gantry) painting 4 huge murals at Nirvana Spa in Sindlesham, Berks. Janice's work has been compared to Matisse and Modigliani.

Janice is available for interview in studio or in her studio/gallery in Alderley Edge. Here is the information in full.



Janice Sylvia Brock completesthe mostchallenging physical and artistic commissions of her life 

Internationally-acclaimed artist,Janice Sylvia Brock, from Cheshire has just completed one of the most challenging commissions of her career.

Last week the artist whose life has been  fractured by Still's disease - a progressive and debilitating form of rheumatoid arthritis, unveiled the ‘Goddesses Of Life' - a series of murals over twice her size at Nirvana Spa in Sindlesham, Berks.

The huge physical and artistic undertakinghas involved the diminutive artist, who at just 4' 10" has painted four 11ft high arched expanses from gantries over the last four months.

Janice Sylvia Brooks is renowned for her vibrant and dynamic paintings, courageous use of colour and passionate and beautiful representationsof thefemale form; over the years, shehas been compared to Matisse and the Fauvist painters, Modigliani and Picasso. 

Depicting the four seasons, her murals are inspired by Greek and Roman myths. Colourful and engaging, the fourfeminine formsare painted with a lightness of touch and fin-de-siècle elegancethat belie her brutally crippled hands.

They collectively form a masterpiece which represents a complete departure in style. The works and will be unveiled next month.

During her career Janice Sylvia Brock has exhibited in London's world-famous Saatchi Gallery.  She has alsobeena guest of HM The Queen at Buckingham Palace, while a private showing of her work was attended by HRH The Prince of Wales.

Herpaintingshave changed hands for as much as $200,000and hang in private collections in the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the USA, most notably in the White House.

The commission has beenaphenomenalchallenge for Brock, particularly as sheis in constantpain, exacerbated by a recent fracture to her right arm. She says: "As a child I suffered lengthy hospitalisations and was often away from home for months at a time recovering from painful operations.

"I started to paint from my hospital bed at the age of eleven. I would pass the hours exploring the myths of the gods and goddesses and I was swept away by the legends and the romance.  The goddesses chosen represent the bounty of the four seasons. It has been thrilling to see my paintings evolve and the deities come alive.

My disease is progressive and I now have to hold the brush with two hands.In spite of my physical challenges, I have had an incrediblecareer.My art gives me a quality of life beyond all my suffering. I have never said no to anything.

"The sheer scale and time frame of this commission however has tested my health and would not have been possible without the help of my friend and colleague, the renowned photographer, Russ Bröckel, who has enabled me to take on the immense physical undertaking."

Despite facing numerous orthopaedic surgeries and living in constant pain, Janice Sylvia Brock expresses nothing but joy on canvas.The unveiling of her murals and exhibition of her works takes place at 4pm on Thursday 3rdOctober.

Janice Sylvia Brock's work can be viewed at one of her two galleries, in Alderley Edge, Cheshireand Barbados, and also purchased online.

For more information on Janice Sylvia Brock and her extensive work, interview or a Q&A, please contact Melanie Faldo


Notes to Editors:

JaniceSylvia Brockwas born in Manchester. Shehas studio galleries in St James, Barbados and in Cheshire, UK.  She has coached both undergraduates and professional artists; tutored guests in painting at Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados and held art therapy classes in prisons, psychiatric hospitals and nursing homes, empathising with those for whom survival is a constant struggle. She continues to work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of disabled peopleas well as donate her time, work and funds to charities including the NSPCC, Crisis and the Royal Variety Club.

Sheis a member of the Barbados Arts Council and founded 'The Artists' Clubhouse', a meeting point for artists. In the UK she is a member of London's Chelsea Arts Club, and an Honorary Fellow of the North West Academy of Arts.  Her book 'Impressions of the Caribbean' is now almost completely sold out, and her autobiographyMy Life on Canvas, a coffee table autobiography illustrated with colour plates of her art,is now available in print.