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Evander Glazing and Locks gains shortlist for the John Connell Awards




04October 2019

Evander Glazing and Locks gains shortlist for first-ever entry to the John Connell Awards

Noise Abatement Society recognises project that reduces the impact of traffic noise for thousands of people


Evander Glazing & Locks has gained a finalist's spot for the John Connell Awards for their work for Highways England's Noise Insulation Scheme.

Appointed as principal contractor, Evander have inspected, supplied and installed noise mitigation measures to 1000 homes, delivering health and well-being benefits to approximately 2300 people, from the glazing and other products put in place.

Traffic noise is the second biggest environmental problem in the EU, according to World Health Organisation. After air pollution, noise is affecting health the most, with traffic noise linked to stress-related health problems such as stroke and heart disease.

Highways England runs a scheme to help those who may be most affected by road noise. The scheme supports people who live in "Noise Important Areas" (NIA's), of which there are over 1,000  throughout England, typically found in locations where other noise reduction measures such as physical barriers or low noise road surfaces cannot be used. The scheme reduces the effect of road noise by improving the noise insulation of affected homes.


Highways England identified NIAs next to major roads, both in and outside urban areas, where new double glazing would be the best solution for reducing noise pollution.  Evander works with them to contact the property owners, assess, inspect and offer free replacement windows and doors, install them, and then remove old products and materials from site for recycling.

Evander install a unique glazing product that has been tested and certified by Salford University, to achieve the desired internal noise levels. This is further supported by a market-leading ventilation solution which promotes an increased period that windows need to be open, not only addressing noise ingress but also improving internal air quality.


"The Noise Abatement Society is celebrating its 60th year, so this is great timing to reach the finals for the John Connell Awards in our first attempt." Says Graham Pye, Evander's Sector Director for Noise Abatement. "Key to Evander's appointment as principal contractor was our recognition of how road noise pollution impacts on people's well-being and on their communities. Working with Highways England, we welcomed the opportunity to contribute to improvements that would benefit the public's health and quality of life." 

In 1960 John Connell lobbied the Noise Abatement Act through parliament, making noise a statutory nuisance in the UK for the first time, the new noise legislation to be enforced by local authority Environmental Health Officers.

The John Connell Awards 2019 will be held at the Palace of Westminster on the evening of 23rd October 2019, hosted by Colonel Bob Stewart DSO MP, Member of Parliament for Beckenham.         T: 0345 145 0130


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