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Steel - choose quality and heritage for your windows, doors and screens

30 September 2019

Steel - choose quality and heritage for your windows, doors and screens

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There are many choices when looking at new or refitted windows, as well as doors and screens for your home. Yet the one material you can be truly sure of in terms of longevity, flexibility and beauty is steel.  Each steel bespoke window and internal/external door will last more than 100 years and it's the perfect material for today's trends - narrow sight lines, slim profiles, huge glass areas and large frames - and it's a sustainable material.  A steel window, screen or door is not an off-the-shelf product; it is handcrafted so the choices for you are limitless.

When considering steel for the inside and outside, look for a member of the Steel Window Association ( The work of members of the SWA ranges from replica refurbishment and in-situ repair to the fabrication and installation of new, high-performance window and door sets. Products are manufactured in the UK using a mainly British-based supply chain and meet all necessary building regulations including the latest fire safety ones.

It's not only windows that love steel! There is huge demand for bespoke internal glazed partitions in, for example, kitchens, showers and wine cellars while steel screens and partitions help give excellent visibility, let in maximum light and provide solidity without being visually overpowering.

Members of the Steel Window Association offer a UK wide service for the repair and replacement of various types of old metal windows, doors and screens, as well as being able to manufacture new fenestration which fully meets the requirements of the Building Regulations. Choosing an SWA member to manufacture and install your steel windows and doors ensures that you are receiving the highest standard of fabrication, installation and customer service.

For further information on the Steel Window Association, please call020 8543 2841.

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