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BBC Breakfast names Heart Disease as UK's biggest Killer of Women

BBC Breakfast names Heart Disease as the biggest killer of UK Women,
today 30 September 2019

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Today BBC Breakfast covered the growing epidemic of heart disease amongst the UK's female population.

High Blood Pressure is known as the Silent Killer, dramatically increasing the chances of dying of a cardiac event.

This serious disease is largely symptomless, meaning that thousands go undiagnosed every year whilst up to 80% of all sufferers do not take their medication because they feel fine. The reality is that they are not fine, they are walking time bombs costing the NHS over £2.1 billion annually, with a yearly mortality rate in excess of 75,000.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women.

The number of people in the UK dying from heart and circulatory diseases before the age of 75 is rising for the first time in 50 years, with over a third of the UK population suffering from high blood pressure, for every 10 diagnosed there are an estimated 7 undiagnosed cases.

Causes of high blood pressure are linked to deprived areas, with triggers including smoking, alcohol, obesity, lack of exercise and a poor diet.

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Notes for Editors

  • After smoking and a poor diet, HBP is the third biggest risk factor to UK health.
  • One in three UK adults has high blood pressure.
  • HBP is one of the mostpreventable and treatableailments.
  • 5.5 million adults in the UK have undiagnosed HBP
  • Heart disease is now the leading cause of death in the UK for WOMEN, who suffer from 40% higher incidences of vascular disease - pregnancy and the contraceptive pill being main risks.
  • Ageing population. Anyone over 65 has a vastly increased chance of developing HBP.
  • Treatment, along with medication, is reduced alcohol, 5 a day and increased exercise.