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Easy-to-clean worktops from Königstone keep the kitchen sparkling

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25 September 2019

Easy-to-clean worktops from Königstone keep the kitchen sparkling

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Pictured is Königstone's Bianco Toscana

A Königstone worktop is perfect for all kitchens; they look fabulous and are extremely low maintenance thanks to the easy-to-clean nature of granite and quartz.

One of the best things about Königstone worktops is that both materials are manufactured to make a homeowner's life easier when it comes to cleaning; quartz surfaces are engineered to be stain-resistant and the range of granite worktops come with a protective anti-stain coating. However, Königstone still recommends wiping the surfaces down daily, and making sure that big spills are wiped up as soon as they happen. So, whether it's paint, fruit juice or sap from chopped flowers, a simple wipe will clear the mess right up. It's easy to wipe the worktops down; all that is needed is a damp cloth and a neutral cleaning detergent, such as everyday anti-bacterial spray,  which will ensure splashes, spills and stains are lifted easily. To avoid watermarks, homeowners should use a normal damp cloth to wipe the surface initially and then wipe over this with a dry microfibre cloth. Not only does this remove any watermarks, it also keeps the worktops looking shiny and brand new. 

For tougher, more stubborn marks, the damp cloth may need an extra helping hand from a stronger detergent. However, which substance is used will differ between granite and quartz surfaces as non-porous stone and porous stone require different care. Homeowners should use a cream cleaner to remove persistent stains on a quartz worktop while a natural stone cleaner would be better suited for a granite surface. 

For more advice on maintaining a Königstone worktop, homeowners can visit the Customer Care Guide on Königstone's website.

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Notes to editor

Königstone takes its name from the German word for "king" and provides quartz and natural stone products of the highest quality for use as surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. Königstone has developed strong relationships to understand the capabilities and ethics of its suppliers and has been able to collaborate on developing new colours. It only supplies approved fabricators and installers to ensure each homeowner's project is in good hands from start to finish.

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