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Secret Teacher stays on at School


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Paul Rowlett, the Midlands Tycoon who caused a media storm when he starred in Channel 4’s
recent hit series ‘Secret Teacher’ has been so inspired by his experience that he is now masterminding the roll out of an ambitious business enterprise programme to secondary schools all over the country.

Rowlett has already made his brand a beacon for disaffected youngsters by rescuing some of his top performers from dead end jobs. His Everything Branded Leicester HQ already operates his own in-house apprenticeship scheme, offering a 100% guarantee of employment to its alumni.

Rowlett, the ‘rags-to-riches’ millionaire who singlehandedly built a global business from nothing in just 8 years, posed undercover as a support teacher at Haileybury School in Cheshunt in a bid to identify gifted youngsters falling through gaps in the system.

His own life reflects a similarly shaky start. In 2008 and facing homelessness, Rowlett got on the phone and began trading. Today, Everything Branded has offices in Las Vegas and the UK, trades in Canada and Ireland, with Australia and South Africa next on the list, and Rowlett’s wife Jenny has even given up her teaching job to oversee the expansion of the accounts department. Despite coping with the daily demands of the business, the Rowletts are taking the concept behind ‘Secret Teacher’ to the next level.

Supported by social enterprise experts, a series of presentations is scheduled for the UK’s secondary schools, offering the chance for interested budding entrepreneurs to join a programme of intensive 12-week courses which are due to be rolled out over the next three years. As Rowlett comments – “I was one of those kids who had no prospects at school. Secret Teacher gave me the insight to see that there are so many kids out there who deserve a bit of a leg up and if I can do it, why wouldn’t I?”