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CharterSync and the need for digitization to enhance time-critical air cargo log

CharterSync and the need for digitization to enhance time-critical air cargo logistics

Press release

18 September 2019

CharterSync co-founders, Ed Gillett and Simon Watson will be speaking at the NAX 24-7 Time Critical Logistics Meeting in Amsterdam on the 25th September. The CharterSync duo will be talking about digitization and time-critical air cargo logistics.

Time-critical and ‘Just in time' cargo is facing the oncoming potential disruption caused through the UK leaving the European Union at the end of October and systems like CharterSync offer freight forwarders autonomy, increased options and ease of booking with transparent pricing.

Ed and Simon will talk about the benefits of digitised systems for the industry and why now is a good time to explore these advantages in the light of the political outlook impacting the UK and countries inside the EU. Ensuring there is no disruption to the supply chain in both directions is essential and something that can be managed more efficiently through systems like CharterSync.  

"CharterSync is at the forefront of a revolution for time-critical air charter bookings. Our system is offering choice, speed and surety and is backed up by a team of dedicated air cargo professionals. The industry is ready for change and as the UK heads into unchartered territory with the imminent exit from the EU,the supply chains will need to be working at their most optimised for time critical cargo." Co-founder Simon Watson said.


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For further information or to book an interview with Simon Watson or Ed Gillett from CharterSync, please contact:

Darren Laws
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Editors notes

NAX Time Critical is an international group of experts that advances the interests of the time sensitive and emergency logistics industry. Its membership is comprised of leading and independent time critical logistics firms, committed to delivering innovative time-sensitive supply chain solutions with no boundaries.

About CharterSync

CharterSync was founded by two airline pilots with a passion for aviation and a background in charter brokering and logistics. CharterSync was born from the simple idea of connecting urgent Go-Now cargo charter requests from freight forwarders directly to aircraft operators with an intelligent platform that provides greater speed and transparency to a traditionally over complicated market. Striving to be the best, we want to deliver the correct balance of innovative technology and industry knowledge to expedite Go-Now cargo charters.

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