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New Research Reveals Mothers at Higher Risk of Developing High Blood Pressure

New Research Reveals that Mothers are at Higher Risk of Developing High Blood Pressure



The research conducted on behalf of health device manufacturer Kinetik Wellbeing, designed to educate people of the dangers of high blood pressure during Blood Pressure Awareness Week, has uncovered alarming health risks facing women, especially mothers.


Heart disease is the biggest killer of women across the UK and the new research has uncovered several lifestyle disparities between the different genders.


Comparing the answers given by fathers compared to mothers in a survey conducted by Census Wide, results showed that women take less exercise, suffer more stress and have a poorer diet than the opposite sex - all factors that contribute to hypertension (or high blood pressure, as it is commonly known).


Findings also showed that 42% of women get stressed over financial issues compared to 34% of men, while over 29% of women admitted to experiencing stress when trying to balance their children's needs with their work lives. This compared to just 19% of men and shows that women still bear the majority of the burden of juggling family with work life.


The stress of balancing children’s needs and work lives may also be a key factor relating to other findings relating to such as diet and exercise:


45 per cent of women admitted that they regularly fall short of eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day compared to just 36 per cent of men.


28 per cent of women said they regularly skip meals compared to just 25 per cent of men.

24 per cent said they add extra salt to their food - a known risk factor, compared to just 22 per cent of men.


The NHS states that every adult needs to partake in at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise every week to “stay healthy”. 


However, survey results reveal that only 27% of women are achieving that goal compared to over 33% of men.


Commercial Director for health products company Kinetik Wellbeing, James Grover said: “We were surprised to see the difference between men and women in so many key areas. Clearly women, and especially mothers, are losing out  in the effort to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


“This includes high levels of sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, poor diet and stress among women which can lead to high blood pressure and health complications.”


It is estimated 16 million people in Britain have high blood pressure with a further 5.5 million unaware they have it.

Only 11% of all respondents to the survey were aware that high blood pressure is symptomless and only 22% of the respondents measure their blood pressure once a year.


Note to editors

Know your Numbers! - Blood Pressure UK's flagship awareness campaign is designed to illustrate the importance of knowing your blood pressure numbers and how to take the necessary action to achieve healthy blood pressure.  

Joining the campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of high blood pressure are Kinetik Wellbeing - providers of home blood pressure testing monitors who have been conducting blood pressure testing in businesses around the country this week in order to educate people of the dangers of high blood pressure.