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Improve the beauty and functionality of the kitchen without buying a new one!

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11 September 2019 

Improve the beauty and functionality of the kitchen without buying a new one!

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A lot of homeowners look to update their kitchen to keep in line with current trends and make the most out of the space inside and outside of the units, but are put off by the cost and hassle. That's why Granite & TREND Transformations' innovative designs and accessories are the perfect solution. Whatever the homeowner is looking for in their kitchen makeover - whether new worktops, doors, tiles, sink space, taps, appliances, lighting, splashback, or storage options - they don't need to look further than Granite & TREND Transformations.

Granite & TREND Transformations' innovative slim-line worktops fiton topof the existing one, so homeowners can have a quick and easy change of style in as little as one day! There are also options to replace cabinet door and drawer fronts without moving the original units. With a huge variety of colours, styles and finishes, there is plenty of choice for all those wanting to keep their kitchen on trend.

And it's not only fashion that changes over the years; technology does too so now homeowners can enjoy the very latest in storage, smart taps, waste and drawer runner technology for example, again without more than a day's disruption.

One example is the range of state-of-the-art storage solutions to help make the most out of the space. Narrow cabinets can be fitted with narrow pull out solutions to create valuable storage space for bottles and jars; perfect for small gaps in existing kitchen layouts. Corner units can be fitted with pull out storage solutions and drawer units fitted with fully extendable runners to provide easy access. Even the space under the sink can be used for storage with universal drawer kits for items such as cleaning products. Sophisticated hinges and drawer runners utilise the latest technologies to ensure each cabinet door and drawer has a smooth motion when opening and soft and effortless closing so the updated kitchen can look and feel great.  

With a multitude of products and accessories, experienced design consultants and installation specialists, Granite & TREND Transformations is the one-stop place for kitchen makeovers. And, with a selection of showrooms nationwide, it's easy to get in touch with one of the design consultants to find more about transforming kitchens the hassle-free way. 

For further information on Granite & TREND Transformations, please call 0808 149 5914 or visit                                  


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Granite & TREND Transformations remodels kitchens and bathrooms without the disruption of completely removing the old ones.  The secret is new worktops - on top of old ones, new doors, new tiles and splashbacks, and additional functionality in the current layout. The company has franchises all over the UK and all is detailed at

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