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CIVEA responds to Third Stop the Knock report



Immediate release:  11 September 2019

CIVEA responds to Third Stop the Knock report

Responding to the Third Money Advice Trust report, Russell Hamblin-Boone, chief executive of the Civil Enforcement Association, said:

"This is a broadly positive report that shows that the regulations in enforcement are working well. Welfare reforms and more rigorous debt recovery by local authorities has led to an increase in enforcement activity, but this remains a last resort.

"Enforcement action is an option used by local authorities to recover over £500 million (half a billion) of unpaid taxes and fines recovered each year, at no cost to the public bodies, which funds local services from adult social care and children's services, to refuse collections and road repairs."


The Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA) is the principal trade association representing civil enforcement agencies operating in England and Wales.

Enforcement agents (formerly known as bailiffs) are regulated by the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007, Schedule 12 and the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013.

Contact: Russell Hamblin-Boone 07810 374110 for media bids.