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New agile budgeting partnership



Press release
10 September 2019


International agile organisations join forces

Two of the world's leading exponents of Business Agility have formed a new partnership to help organisations navigate their way through a fast-moving and challenging business environment.

The Agile Business Consortium and the Beyond Budgeting Institute are now working together to improve understanding of Business Agility and how a Beyond Budgeting approach - one that moves financial management models from command-and-control to being more empowered and adaptive -supports its implementation.

The two organisations will jointly reach out to a wider community through events, conferences, and new projects and are planning shared initiatives to further the adoption of Business Agility in both the agile and finance communities.

They will also be exchanging existing content and developing new whitepapers and guidance together, which will include research into Business Agility and finance.

John Williams, Chief Executive of the Agile Business Consortium, said: "The challenges facing modern businesses are too pressing for organisations like the Consortium to sit in silos. We need to connect with others across the agile community and work together to promote Business Agility.

"Budgeting is often a barrier for people trying to implement agile projects or processes within an organisation. This partnership is a great opportunity for our two organisations to combine our knowledge and help bridge that gap between finance and agile operations."

Rikard Olsson, Managing Director of the Beyond Budgeting Institute, added: "Although we come from different backgrounds, the Agile Business Consortium and ourselves meet in the middle around core values and the desire for Business Agility.

"We look forward to working together on toolkits for individuals and organisations adopting Business Agility, which of course includes finance, and in due course providing a reciprocal benefits programme for both Consortium and Institute members. We can be much stronger together."

The Institute, which is currently finalising a pioneering Beyond Budgeting Implementation Framework, will be appearing at the Consortium's Agile Business Conference in September, delivering a workshop and hosting an agile tools session for attendees. For details and bookings, visit

The two organisations will also be jointly presenting at the ACCA Tech 2 Symposium in Singapore on 18 September on the subject of ‘How agile finance can transform financial planning and analysis (FP&A)'.

For more about Business Agility and the Agile Business Consortium, visit; for information about Beyond Budgeting and the Beyond Budgeting Institute, see


For more press information contact:

Philip Jones, Maxim, on 01892 513033,


Tamsin Fox-Davies, Head of Brand, Agile Business Consortium, on 01233 228882,


Notes to Editors

What is an agile business?

An agile business is an organisation that can respond quickly and effectively to opportunities and threats whether they are found in its internal or external environments (commercial, legal, technological, social, moral or political).

Agile businesses value:

  • Innovation over status quo
  • Inspiring leadership over conservative management
  • Collaborative autonomy over hierarchical control
  • Customer focus over self-interest

About the Agile Business Consortium:

The Agile Business Consortium is the not-for-profit professional body promoting and enabling business agility worldwide. We work with partners and alliances to promote agile practices, and to develop, curate and share agile resources with the wider world. We encourage an agnostic and client-centred approach to the use of agile methods and frameworks.

We are the brains behind AgilePM®, AgileBA® and AgilePgM® and organise the longest running annual Agile Business Conference in the world. Through APMG International we have accredited over 300 training organisations worldwide, and over 100,000 Agile Project Managers, Business Analysts and Programme Managers.


About the Beyond Budgeting Institute

Beyond Budgeting Institute (BBI) was formed in 1998 and is the parent organisation for Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT) & Beyond Budgeting Advisory (BBA)

Its network consists of companies, NGOs, academia and individuals from over 20 countries. Its members include Handelsbanken, Coloplast, Volvo Cars and Human Rights Watch