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Research reveals extraordinary health risks now facing the nation



An alarming gender divide has opened up in the UK over Brexit fears. New research, conducted on behalf of Kinetik Wellbeing has revealed that a third more mothers worry about their children’s post-Brexit futures than fathers do.


The huge worry gap - 31% of mothers and 20% of fathers, say they are stressed about what lies in store for their children after Brexit - will shock politicians and experts alike.


The new research, designed to educate people of the dangers of high blood pressure during Blood Pressure Awareness Week which starts today, has also uncovered significant differences in Brexit stress levels across the UK.  


In Northern Ireland, where fears are mounting that Brexit could reignite sectarian violence, stress levels are almost a third higher than the national level.


35% of parents in the region are stressed about a post-Brexit future for their children, compared to a national level of 26%. 


Other areas that have high fear levels over Brexit include the East Midlands - one in three parents in the region worry about their children’s future. 


This relatively high percent is of note because the region had one of the highest levels of pro-Brexit votes in the referendum - 59% of people in the East Midlands voted to leave. 


The Kinetik-led research also revealed the extraordinary health risks now facing the nation.


The NHS states that every adult needs to partake in at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise every week to “stay healthy”. 


However, survey results reveal that just over a quarter of women are achieving that goal.


27% of women and 33% of men are hitting the target.


In a shocking result for Northern Ireland, only 17.5% of people in that region are hitting the minimum level of aerobic activity. A figure that is sure to alarm local health chiefs.


Nearly a third of women also claim to be “regularly skipping meals”, a frightening statistic for the modern age, and one with a myriad of health implications.  


24% of women confessed to adding extra salt to their food.


The health time bomb is not only a concern for the fairer sex.


The Kinetik-led research also revealed that a quarter of men think that six hours is enough sleep to achieve every night. In truth, this low level of rest is enough to significantly raise the risks of obesity, depression, cancer and cardiovascular issues.


Alarming levels of male alcohol dependency are also revealed in the research. More than one in five men drink above the NHS-recommenced health limit of 14 units a week.


James Grover, Head of Product Technology for Kinetik Wellbeing - providers of home blood pressure monitors cautioned:


"The research shows the worrying extent of the UK's stress epidemic over Brexit, especially in Northern Ireland and the extraordinary health risks now facing the nation.


This includes alarming levels of sleep deprivation and male alcohol dependency which may be linked to anxiety over the future and which can lead to high blood pressure and a myriad of health complications.


"The research points to a lack of exercise and poor diet which can lead to high blood pressure which is on the increase in the UK.


"Unfortunately, only 11% of the respondents were aware that high blood pressure is symptomless and only 22% of the respondents measure their blood pressure once a year".

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease causing over half of all strokes and heart attacks, kidney disease and vascular dementia. 


A staggering 16 million people in Britain have high blood pressure while a further 5.5 million people are unaware that they have it.



Dubbed 'The Silent Killer',  high blood pressure is largely symptomless and claims the lives of more than 75,000 Brits every year. 


Every adult in the UK would benefit from a blood pressure monitor.



Dr Lynn Thomas, Medical Director of St John Ambulance added: “It's extremely important to understand the need for people to keep an eye on their blood pressure as it can be an important



indicator of our wider health. Unfortunately, there are millions of people in the UK who are unaware that their blood pressure is high or close to being high, which leaves them at an increased risk ofsuffering from a heart attack or stroke”.


The cost to the NHS exceeds £2.1 billion annually.






Percentage of people by region who answered “yes” when asked if they are stressed by what Brexit will mean for their children's future.


Northern Ireland - 35 per cent

East Midlands - 32 per cent

Scotland - 30 per cent

Wales - 30 per cent

North West - 28 per cent

Greater London - 24 per cent

Yorkshire and Humberside - 23 per cent

South West - 23 per cent

North East - 23 per cent

South East - 22 per cent

West Midlands - 20 per cent

East of England - 20 per cent


Notes to Editors

Know your Numbers! - Blood Pressure UK's flagship awareness campaign kicks off on Monday 9th September to illustrate the importance of knowing your blood pressure numbers and


how to take the necessary action to achieve healthy blood pressure.  


Joining the campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of high blood pressure are Kinetik Wellbeing - providers of home blood pressure testing monitors and St John Ambulance who have been conducting blood pressure testing in businesses around the country this week in order to educate people of the dangers of high blood pressure.