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Christmas gift guide - literary inspiration for friends & family

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For the ladies in your life...

Nikki Vallance - Pivotal

£7.99, Hashtag Press, October 2019. Women's fiction.


Pivotal is a relationship mystery, which portrays the impact of a shared life-changing dilemma on four seemingly unconnected lives. It follows a cast of strong women in their forties whose lives are disrupted by an extraordinary event, and explores the common experiences and dilemmas of ordinary women, who might be questioning the paths they have chosen. A book with many twists and turns, it is a mystery within a mystery. A story with relatable characters that prompts the reader to consider the decisions we make in life, the paths we take, and what could happen with even just the slightest change of direction?

Is it self-determination or destiny? How many doors does one person open in a lifetime? When you pass through a door, does your life change forever? Or, do you have power over who you become through the choices you make?


Claire Handscombe - Unscripted

£8.75, Unbound, April 2019. Women's fiction.

Nobody is a bigger fan of actor Thomas Cassidy than Libby. Nobody. That's why she's totally going to marry him.

She's going to write a novel, name the main character after Thom, and find a way to get it to him. Intrigued and flattered, he will read it, fall in love with her prose, and ask to turn it into a movie. She will pretend to think about it, then say: sure, but can I work on it with you? Their eyes will meet over the script... and fade to black.

But with four interwoven lives at play, can anything be that simple?

Thoughtful, quirky, and moving, Unscripted is a story of friendship and second chances, and asks the question: how far can you take your dream? 

Annette Shaw - A Wedding in the Family

£11.99, Free Association Books, February 2019. Non-fiction, family, relationships, marriage.

Drawing on Annette Byford's own research as a psychologist and psychotherapist conducted over two years, with interviews in real life situations, it provides an insight into the wedding experience from the mother's point of view and explores the complexities of family relationships that this rite of passage can expose.

The book offers the reader the chance to follow several women from different cultural backgrounds through the time leading up to and beyond their child's wedding. It is structured around three pivotal stages of the wedding: the announcement of the engagement, the wedding preparations, and the big day itself. For each stage, it draws on interviews with mothers, looking at the nature of their often-moving experiences and suggesting psychological explanations for what is happening to them.


For the men in your life...

Keith Carter - The Umbrella Men

£8.99, Neem Tree Press, October 2019. Literary fiction.

A witty and acerbic novel for our times about corporate greed, the hubris of bankers, contradictions of the clean energy economy and their unintended consequences on everyday people. Finance, environmentalism, rare-earth mining and human frailties collide in a complex of flawed motives. We follow Peter Mount, the self-made Chief Executive of a London-based rare-earth mining company as he and his business are buffeted by crisis-torn Royal Bank of Scotland and by his own actions, real and imagined. Meanwhile in Oregon, Amy Tate and her group of local environmental activists do their contradictory part to undermine a component of the green economy, unwittingly super-charged by the Chinese state. The repercussions of events in pristine Oregon are felt in the corporate and financial corridors of New York and London with drastic consequences. This is a deeply involving novel about the current workings of capitalism, miscommunication, causes and unexpected effects, love and survival.


For non-fiction fans...

Hedley Rees - Taming the Big Pharma Monster

£14.99, Filament, May 2019. Non-fiction. Healthcare.

Hedley Rees' new book is an invaluable resource for those wanting to learn what's going wrong in BIG PHARMA - and how to fix it. Taming the Big Pharma Monster invites readers in to the inner secrets of the pharma industry, arming them with powerful knowledge and education to help administer the fix. This easy-to-read, 146-page journey through 40-plus years of systems decline will set your mind on fire, as you realise you don't have to roll over and accept things as they are today. There is a better way. More importantly, you can start to become part of the solution, rather than just someone with a problem.


For translated fiction fans...

Ahlam Bsharat, translated by Sue Copeland & Ruth Ahmedzai-Kemp - Trees For The Absentees

£8.99, Neem Tree Press, September 2019. Translated fiction.


Young love, meddling relatives, heart-to-hearts with friends real and imagined - Philistia's world is that of an ordinary university student, except that in occupied Palestine, and when your father is in indefinite detention, nothing is straightforward. Philistia is closest to her childhood, and to her late grandmother and her imprisoned father, when she's at her part-time job washing women's bodies at the ancient Ottoman hammam in Nablus, the West Bank. A midwife and corpse washer in her time, Grandma Zahia taught Philistia the ritual ablutions and the secrets of the body: the secrets of life and death. On the brink of adulthood, Philistia embarks on a journey through her country's history - a magical journey, and one of loss and centuries of occupation. As trees are uprooted around her, Philistia searches for a place of refuge, a place where she can plant a memory for the ones she's lost.


For children & teens...

Prize-Winning Young Writers, Edited by A. Bello - Gen Alpha-Z

£6.99, Hashtag Press, November 2019. YA fiction, short story collection.


Gen Alpha-Z is a powerful little book that packs a massive literary punch. The sequel to the successful debut, The Originals, Gen Alpha-Z is a breath-taking collection of incredible short stories written by talented young writers aged between six and 21 years around the world. These hugely authors entered The little BIG Book Competition run by The Lil' Author Skool in 2018-2019. Judged by an independent panel, eight stories selected to be in this new anthology won and a further 16 were chosen as stand-out stories that merited publication. Launching on Universal Children's Day - 20th November 2019 - #GenAlphaZ is set to be a huge success that showcases the astoundingly high quality of writing by today's children and teenagers - the next generation of authors are already showing what they're capable of and it's incredibly excited for the future of literature!


Scott Lauder and David Ross - The Three Hares: The Jade Dragonball

£10.99, Neem Tree Press, September 2019. Fantasy, Middle grade/YA cross-over. Book 1 in the series.

Sara Livingstone's school trip to the Beijing Palace Museum takes a terrifying turn when an encounter with the ancient Qingming Scroll thrusts her a thousand years into China's past.

With secrets in the shadows and danger around every corner, Sara relies on her wits and her Granny Tang's stories to survive. As dark forces gather, she must take her place in a cosmic battle and find the courage to face an unworldly ancient magic.

An exciting, new, middle grade, fantasy fiction series written collaboratively by two teachers and authors - one in the UAE and the other in NYC - The Three Hares series will educate as well as entertain. With both female and male protagonists, historical and cultural and a plot that promotes values such as grit, inner strength, resilience, empathy and confidence, this is sure to be a huge hit in and out of the classroom.


Mary Obozua - Stars of Paradise

£6.99, Hashtag Press, July 2019. Children's/early middle grade

The Wonderful Life of Daisy & Ewe (The WLDE) series is off to a colourful flying start...

What do you get when you mix a flying bird machine that travels at the same speed of light with exotic birds and a singing contest? A carnival!

This year's Marshill's carnival will be like no other. Daisy and her best friend Ewe decide they will create the best jingle to help them win the singing contest. But, they soon realise that they need the help of their friends and the rather miserable show-off Esmerelda. Then more challenges arise for the Stars of Paradise. They need to find a way to perform in two places at the same time. And, can Ewe's powers of drawing and designing ideas that come to life, magically help them solve their problems and win the competition at the carnival? The adventure begins with a delivery of a golden letter...

Daisy and Ewe are the stars of new children's book series, The WLDE, aimed at young readers aged six to nine. There is a massive need for more diversity in children's book publishing. Only 1% of the children's books published in the UK in 2017 had a BAME main character (CLPE, 2018). This new series brings together myriad cultural backgrounds.


Richard Dikstra - Tigeropolis Caught in the Trap

£6, Belle Media, April 2019. Children's/early middle grade. Book 3 in the series.

Tigeropolis is a vast tiger reserve in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is home to a family of vegetarian tigers - tiger cubs Bittu, older sister Matti, their mother Tala and Uncle Raj.

For years, the tigers have hidden away from humans deep in the forest. In doing so they have adopted a very modern, westernised lifestyle - they don't hunt, they don't roar, they now live in a snug cave, furnished with things they have found in the local dump - they have a comfy sofa, a TV and even access to the Internet.

Their pleasant lifestyle is interrupted when they are forced to reappear. Tigeropolis is threatened with closure as people have stopped coming as they don't believe there are any tigers left to see. Realising the threat to their own lifestyle the tigers realise they need to reappear so that they can encourage visitors to the park. Visitors will generate income and help keep the park open.

Caught in the Trap is the third in the series, but each book can be read as a stand-alone story.


Lotte Moore - Balloon Fun

£3, Independent Publishing Network, April 2019. Young children/picture book

The latest book by prolific writer, Lotte Moore, BALLOON FUN, is due for release in April 2019. Lotte is approaching her 30th book, and at the age of 82 the author continues to create engaging, humorous and entertaining stories for young readers. Lotte, who lives in West London, visits school children throughout England, on a weekly basis, sharing her stories, answering their questions about World War Two (as the author of best-selling book Lotte's War) and she continues to teach piano to children from her home. Two of her stories have also been turned into plays, and appeared as recently as last week, at London theatres. Lotte's success is both inspiring and well deserved - despite having written poetry and stories all her life, Lotte's first book wasn't published until she was 70 - showing that it's never too late for anyone to fulfil their dreams and/or consider a total career change!

When Healy and Hasty turn up at a children's fancy dress party, ANYTHING could happen! Meet two cheeky balloons whose only aim in life is to make you smile. Large format children's picture book suitable for ages 3-6 by popular children's author Lotte Moore (author of best-selling book Lotte's War), with colourful and whimsical illustrations by acclaimed artist and illustrator Philip Hood.


Vese Aghoghovbia Aladewolu - Who Do I See In The Mirror?

£10, Philly & Belle Publishing, January 2019. Young children/picture book.

As Philly looks at her reflection in the mirror, she realises that from her curly hair to her legs that love to dance, she is unique. But what makes her truly special is her good heart and curious mind. The important message conveyed is for children to love the skin they are in. It's what you are on the inside that matters most.

Who Do I see in the Mirror? is the debut book of the Philly & Friends collection of stories. The book was inspired by the author's 18-month-old daughter. Vese says: "I wanted to create a diverse children's character she - and kids everywhere - can love and identify with. One who is strong, confident and happy, goes on adventures, as curious as George, laughs from within and loves wholeheartedly with tight hugs and lots of kisses."

Philly & Friends is a brand with purpose, and every book sold ships a book into the hands of an underprivileged child.


Philip Beicken - The Ghosteleers

£6.99, Hashtag Press, March 2019. Middle grade.


In this fast-paced tale of good versus evil, Norman clumsily stumbles from one mishap to another and must rely on his cat to always save the day. Their adventures are always funny, light-hearted and often amazing.  Together, they can achieve almost anything.


When Norman accidently blows himself up with his pet cat, Morph, they awake to find themselves in a new and mysterious world. Greeted by the bubbly Sir Poop, the pair are invited to join an elite, highly trained team of Ghosteleers. Their ongoing mission - to protect very special humans from harm by using their amazing ghostly powers. Unfortunately for Norman, he quickly discovers his skilful cat is the one with the ability and brains.


For foodies...

Theo A Michaels - Orexi

£16.99, Ryland Peters & Small, April 2019. Greek, recipes, cookbook.


In this enticing collection of more than 80 recipes inspired by the flavours of Greece and Cyprus, MasterChef UK's Theo Michaels pays homage to his family heritage, championing traditional dishes and sharing his own modern cooking. Presenting a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds, his fresh and delicious food is organized into chapters entitled Meze, Sea, Land, Sun, Fire and Sundowners, evoking the Greek way of life.

You too can eat like a Greek by celebrating simplicity, seasonality, abundance, healthy balance and most importantly, the joy of sociable eating. Beautiful food sings from these pages: from juicy watermelon, glossy kalamata olives, to fragrant oregano-roasted meats and delicate fish wrapped in vine leaves. Choose a selection of mouth-watering dips and sharing plates to create a Cypriot-style meze; enjoy the freshest fish and seafood, perfectly grilled or fried and served with nothing more than a dusting of salt flakes and a squeeze of lemon juice to season; cook tender yogurt-marinated lamb on skewers over charcoal and wrap it in fluffy homemade pita to experience souvlaki at home; or whip up vibrant vegetable and pulse dishes, from cracked wheat pourgouri to slow-cooked fasolia beans. Finally, make rich Greek desserts the sweet note to end your meal; serve just enough syrup-drenched baklava with a bitter black coffee to satisfy that craving or unwind with an Ouzo Sour or Brandy Sunburn Cocktail.


For those looking for support, growth and/or development...

Dr Esther Ramsay-Jones - Holding Time

£12.99, Free Association Books, September 2019. Non-fiction, dementia care.


Informed by Esther Ramsay-Jones' work in dementia care and palliative care as a psychodynamic psychotherapist, Holding Time contributes to an increasing recognition of the importance and value of relationship-centred care in this field. Written ethnographically, it unfolds as a narrative and also includes the real words of staff and residents from the care homes in which she conducted observations.

Holding Time explores how the relational investment in care is vital alongside a technical one. It addresses our fears about dependency on a societal level, and attempts to challenge the foregrounding of the independent, rational individual over all other experiences. It demonstrates that in good care, we find a means of relating that counters the push for rampant individualism and undervalues human  need. Written by someone with first-hand personal and professional experience of dementia, and long-term conditions, Holding Time is a contemporary exploration of the dementia care field, and contributes to the general movement to improve care of those living (and working) with dementia.


Georgia Varjas - The Rule Breaker's Guide

£11.99, Filament Publishing, July 2019. Non-fiction, self-help.


"Provocative, imaginative and witty. A verbal volcano, Georgia Varjas' voice is direct, passionate and urgent."

The Rebel's Guide to Step Up & Stand Out is a potent book that seeks to shine a light directly on the external obstacles, and the inner voice, which deeply prevent us from Stepping Up and Standing Out, and achieving our optimum.

If you're a rebel through and through, or need some guidance and encouragement to find your rebellious streak, if you want to question the status quo, reach further, smash through the glass ceiling, speak and be heard...The Rule Breaker's Guide is the book for you! Georgia Varjas shares her wisdom, wins and woes to shine a light on how the rules can hold us back, keep us small, and shut us up... and how to change that destructive pattern. With a combination of story and sass, Georgia shows us how to be in total control of our own lives, to show up, step up and stand out.


John-Paul Davies - Finding A Balanced Connection

£12.99, independently published, March 2019. Non-fiction, mental health & wellbeing, self-help.


Whether or not we've already acquired a label like ‘anxious', ‘depressed', ‘co-dependent' and/or ‘addicted', most of us know we could be enjoying this life more than we are.

However, until now, we may have had no clear answer as to why we can struggle so much. Finding a Balanced Connection explains, in simple terms, why we have a tendency to work in ways that often seem counter to our own happiness and well-being. Taking you gently on an expansive journey, starting with where it all begins - yourself - through to relationships with others, this practical guide introduces 10 key principles intended to cultivate more contentment, purpose, and even joy, in your life.

Discover how to increase connection with yourself, communicate more helpfully, have better access to your creative imagination, connect more often with others, choose helpful boundaries, and much more! With this practical, down-to-earth guide you can significantly reduce those feelings of unease, boredom and compulsiveness, whilst living the more purposeful life you want, and deserve.


Mick Timpson - Making Happy Work

£9.99, independently published, February 2019. Non-fiction, health & wellbeing, meditation, mindfulness.


Do you want to know your purpose and work in a useful, meaningful way? Meditation teacher and inner architect, Mick Timpson, leads this call to change and shows us how to shift the way we approach what we do via modern meditation techniques to get us into a happier, more creative place. Mick says it's just a change of perspective and learning to look at things differently. Everything we can do can be an opportunity to make happy work.

Making Happy Work takes the reader on a meditation journey of eight parts which, stage-by-stage, build up into a simple, easy-to-use, powerful practice that can be incorporated into daily activities. The key to making happy work is not what you do in life that matters, but how you live through your life.

The main thesis is that we have all become disconnected from who we are and what we are for. We are all living in an increasingly chaotic world, where we struggle to survive, let alone thrive. We are all doing at the expense of being. However, if we can find time to just stop, notice and learn to be, we can reconnect. We can link our being with our doing. We can learn to be different and do differently.


Susan Scott - Life Force

£12.49, Eclipse Publishing, April 2019. Self-help, health, energy, wellbeing.


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time? Best-selling author and mind and body expert, Susan Scott, has written her third book to help you take charge of your health and create a more energised you!

Life Force: The Revolutionary 7-Step Plan For Optimum Energy  is uniquely positioned to lead you through the unique, practical and effective steps identified by psychologist and nutritionist Susan Scott. Throughout the book you will find questionnaires, thought-provoking activities and key tips to help you rebuild your energy levels step-by-step, all of which can be easily incorporated into everyday life, for even the busiest, most stressed out, verging on burnt out people amongst us!

LIFE FORCE will show YOU how to: stop feeling tired all the time; enhance your energy, vitality and sustainability; fuel the energy-making powerhouses in your body; avoid energy slumps during the day; sleep better and wake revitalized; use energy to focus, concentrate and deliver to a higher standard; improve your mood and outlook on life; improve your resilience to manage your demanding life.


For the history buff...

Luciano Iorio - An Author On Trial

£8.99, Troubador Publishing, February 2019. Biography/memoir.


In 1939, the Italian writer Giuseppe Jorio (1902 - 1995) enjoyed great success with his debut novel, La Morte di un Uomo (Death of a Man), but, soon after the war, his career was ruined when he was prosecuted, subjected to five trials in six years, and found guilty of having written an obscene novel, Il Fuoco del Mondo (The Fire of the World).  He was the first writer in post-war Italy to receive such a conviction, and the only one to receive a prison sentence.

In An Author on Trial, his son, Luciano Iorio, reveals for the first time how bigoted judges, in alignment with the illiberal and aggressive censorship policies ‘in defence of decency' adopted by the ruling Christian Democracy party, openly fuelled by the Vatican, were determined to make an example of Giuseppe Jorio - even if that meant to misapply the law.

With the help of family letters and his father's diaries, Luciano Iorio also tells the dramatic events in his father's life which inspired the novel. He describes the difficult times in which the novel was written, the enormous strain of the five trials, and their effect on his father's work, life and family. Particular attention is given to the father-son relationship, which was painfully shaped by the events that took place before and after the novel was written.


Distant Signs - Anne Richter

£14.99, Neem Tree Press, November 2019. Historic fiction.


A historic fiction novel from East Germany post WWII to after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Distant Signs is an intimate portrait of two families spanning three generations amidst turbulent political change, behind and beyond the Berlin Wall. In 1960s East Germany, Margret, a professor's daughter from the city, meets and marries Hans, from a small village in the Thuringian forest. The couple struggle to contend with their different backgrounds, and the emotional scars they bear from childhood in the aftermath of war. As East German history gradually unravels, with collision of the personal and political, their two families' hidden truths are quietly revealed. An exquisitely written novel with strongly etched characters that stay with you long after the book is finished and an authentic portrayal of family life behind the iron curtain based on personal experience of the author who is East German and was 16 years old at the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Ahmet Yorulmaz, Paula Darwish - Children Of War

£9.99, Neem Tree Press, November 2019. Historic fiction.


Hassanakis is a young Muslim boy of Turkish descent growing up on Crete during WWI. Fifteen generations of his family have lived on the island and until now he has never had any reason not to think he is a Cretan. But with the Great Powers tussling over the collapsing Ottoman Empire and the island's Christians in rebellion, an outbreak of ethnic violence forces his family to flee to the Cretan City of Chania. He begins to lay down roots and his snappy dress earns him the nickname of Hassan `the mirror'. As WWI draws to a close and the Turkish War of Independence rages, he begins a heady romance with the elegant Husniye. There are rumours that the Cretan Muslims will be sent to Turkey but Hassanakis can't believe he will be sent to a country whose language he barely knows and where he knows no-one.

This powerful novel, published by Neem Tree Press, is drawn from the diary of a refugee family, and evokes the beauty, complexity and trauma of Crete's past, weaving it into a moving tale of an ordinary man living through extraordinary times.


Helpful reads...

Sara Liyanage - Ticking Off Breast Cancer

£12.99, Hashtag Press, September 2019. Non-fiction, cancer, memoir, health.


"Ticking Off Breast Cancer is a candid, thoughtful account of the way Sara dealt with a breast cancer diagnosis. She is one impressive woman." -- Victoria Derbyshire

Ticking Off Breast Cancer is a chronological narrative of Sara's life from the day of her diagnosis and throughout her treatment. It follows her as she deals with the physical, emotional and mental challenges thrown at her by cancer and provides an honest insight into the treatment given to a breast cancer patient together with the impact that this has on someone's life. By sharing many of her to-do lists in the form of checklists at the end of each chapter, Ticking Off Breast Cancer provides thoughtful, helpful advice for every step of the way.

Whether read as a companion for someone going through cancer treatment themselves, or as a guide for someone with a loved one or friend going through cancer treatment, Ticking Off Breast Cancer provides support and encouragement throughout.

The book accompanies Sara's website of the same name,, which provides practical help and support for those going through breast cancer treatment.


Allie Cashel & Dr Bernard Raxlen - Lyme Disease

£15.99, Hammersmith Books, July 2019. Non-fiction, health, healthcare.


Lyme disease is one of the fastest growing vector-borne diseases in the world. City dwellers and those who travel regularly are at high risk of contracting the disease. Yet there is a little awareness of the issue among either patients or doctors. Lyme Disease: medical myopia and the hidden global pandemic - a guide to navigating the labyrinth of diagnosis and treatment aims to change that.

Based on years of diagnosing and treating this growing problem in NY City, Dr Raxlen, together with ‘expert patient' Allie Cashel and a team of international contributors, provides a road map for individuals who suspect they have been infected and are lost in the ‘medical maze' of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, searching for a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

He explores systems and treatments, the healing system, history, and case studies from countries around the world. By highlighting the difficulties sufferers face, Raxlen et al aim to increase understanding of the Lyme epidemic worldwide and how sufferers can obtain reliable and effective diagnosis and treatment.


Neill David Watson - The Lean Exec

£10.99, Acorn Publishing, June 2019. Non-fiction, self-help, fitness, health.


Struggling to fit exercise and eating right around long work days?

Spend your day commuting, at your desk, and in meetings?

This book will help you get motivated, get fit and get mentally and emotionally stronger in as little as 3 hours a week! Neill Watson's symmitarian philosophy stems from 20 years of testing and improving his knowledge of fitness, nutrition and resistance training for optimal results in the minimum time. As well as being a qualified Personal Trainer, his technique is stripped down and achievable due to its foundation in real-world action and results.

This no-nonsense guide is full of hacks and tips that will help you to optimise your precious time to get fit and stay fit. From how to get the most out of training in as little as 3 hours per week, to how to avoid fad dieting while making realistic, healthier eating work for you, his approach will help you reach your goals, whether that's enhancing strength, building muscle, reducing fat or just progressing your fitness, no matter what your week throws at you!

While working demanding hours building his career, Neill noticed that many around him had let their health and fitness go (like he did for a few years), due to juggling busy work and home lives. He was determined to find and share a solution that could fit into even the busiest of exec schedules. Based on the training and nutrition approach that delivered his personal results, Neill crafted and perfected his system into a blueprint: The Lean Exec.


Neeta Oza - My Mini Micro Mindset Manual, January 2019, My Back-To-Basics Business Bible, May 2019, My Fun-Filled Fitness Folio, September 2019, My Super-Compact, Self-Care Script, December 2019. £5.99. Hashtag Press. Self-help, motivation, mindset.


Neeta Oza is a Yoga and Pilates instructor, blogger, and all-round health, fitness and wellbeing lover. In her mid-20s, Neeta volunteered for MIND, and to give back from her amazing experience, decided to give 50% of author proceeds back to the charity for every sale of the first book in her mini mindset manuals.

Neeta also vowed at 25 years old during a Saturday night Chinese meal with friends, to stay in the best physical shape once she reached 40; and ever since has been trying to stay in the best mental shape too.


Richard Shaw - Conquer Type 2 Diabetes

£12.99, Hammersmith Health Books, February 2019. Non-fiction, health.


How a Fat Middle-Aged Man Lost 31 Kilos and Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

This is a simple, informative, readable guide for anyone who wants to take a shot at reversing this life-changing condition. In the last few years the idea of people reversing type 2 diabetes has become a worldwide movement. Many thousands of people have done it, and the good news is spreading. All over the globe people are successfully challenging their illness and sharing their experiences with others. It takes willpower and commitment and it won't work for everyone, but if you don't try you'll never know.


Lynn Crilly - Hope with Eating Disorders

£15.99, Hammersmith Health Books, February 2019. Non-fiction, health.


Since the first edition of Hope with Eating Disorders was published in 2012, eating disorders have become more widely recognised and treatments have progressed, as have attitudes to this most dangerous of mental health problems.

In this second edition, which maintains Lynn Crilly's warm, non-judgemental, family-friendly approach, the more recently recognised eating disorders have been included, the range of treatment options - both mainstream and alternative - has been fully reviewed and revised, and the impact of social and technological change has been fully accommodated, with the role of social media for good and ill to the fore. New case histories highlight key issues, and throughout all references to research and stats have been reviewed and updated.

Men's eating disorders are now addressed by contributing author Dr Russell Delderfield.

Since originally writing Hope with Eating Disorders, Lynn has experienced seven years of counselling practice and seven years of her own daughter's recovery from an eating disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder, underpinning her realistic insight into what recovery actually is and means. Hope with Eating Disorders is a practical, supportive guide for anyone helping someone with an eating disorder be they a family member, teacher, sports coach, workplace colleague or friend.



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