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Expert author & new book: World Alzheimer's Day - 21st Sept 2019

Good afternoon,
It is World Alzheimer's Day on 21st September and we would like to introduce you to an expert we are working with - Dr Esther Ramsay-Jones - ahead of the launch of her new book, Holding Time: Human Need & Relationships in Dementia Care, on 30th September (Free Association Books).
Dr Esther is available for media interview, comment and editorial commission before, during and after this international awareness day.
Advance review copies of the book can be called in (paperback/digital). Dr Esther is a psychodynamic psychotherapist and university lecturer on death, dying and bereavement. The press release is below for more info and we'd be happy to connect you with Esther or answer any of your questions! 
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Holding Time -

Human Need and Relationships in Dementia Care

By Dr Esther Ramsay-Jones


A chair sitting in front of a windowDescription automatically generatedInformed by Esther Ramsay-Jones' work in dementia care and palliative care as a psychodynamic psychotherapist,Holding Timecontributes to an increasing recognition of the importance and value of relationship-centred care in this field. Written ethnographically, it unfolds as a narrative and also includes the real words of staff and residents from the care homes in which the author conducted observations.


Holding Timeexplores how the relational investment in care is vital alongside a technical one. The book details the micro-interactions of everyday care, concern and play before moving out to a wider, organisational and macro stage. It addresses our fears about dependency on a societal level, and attempts to challenge the foregrounding of the independent, rational individual over all other experiences. It demonstrates that in good care, we find a means of relating that counters the push for rampant individualism and undervalues human need.


Written from first-hand personal and professional experience of dementia, and long-term conditions, Holding Time is a contemporary exploration of the dementia care field, and contributes to the general movement to improve care of those living (and working) with dementia.


About the author

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Dr Esther Ramsay-Jones lectures on ‘Death, Dying and Bereavement' at the Open University. She has presented her work at various locations around the world and her papers have been published in academic journals and anthologies. Esther practises as a specialist psychotherapist in palliative care, working with people with long-term conditions, and their families. Esther also works in a counselling service for older adults presenting with a range of difficulties and is a counselling tutor in London.


She is the mother to two young children, who she says, in some ways were the catalyst for her doctoral research and subsequent writing on care and dependency. She has worked at the coal-face of frontline care for older people, and those with dementia, and has direct experience of the impact of dementia and terminal illness.


Beyond her work and home life, Esther loves to travel, to write, to swim, run, do yoga and enjoy time with family and good friends.




Title:Holding Time

Author:Dr Esther Ramsay-Jones

Genre:Narrative ethnography/Psychotherapy/Cultural/Organisational studies

Publisher:Free Association Books

Publication:September 30, 2019



Price: £12.99