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Reliable and affordable refrigeration monitoring system


Current regulations demand that veterinary medicinal products (VMPs) requiring refrigeration, such as vaccines, some antibiotics and insulin, must be stored in a refrigerator at between 2°C and 8°C. The same regulations also stipulate that temperatures should be monitored and logged at least daily. RemoteM, a new fridge monitoring system developed by electronics specialists Remote Monitoring Ltd, provides a reliable and robust solution which is inexpensive and easy to install.

It's not just a question of regulatory compliance; loss of stock from a single veterinary refrigerator can result in losses totalling thousands of pounds. The RemoteM system has been designed to streamline, simplify and assure the monitoring process, removing any variables and ensuring that veterinary practices can meet and exceed VMD and RCVS inspection standards.

With RemoteM, practices can monitor multiple fridges using a single base station installation, at a typical cost of less than £50 per month.  Most systems on the market today rely on the power source within the premises and the availability of an internet signal in order to trigger an alarm in the event of a temperature excursion. The RemoteM system is a stand alone configuration, consisting of a small wireless sensor placed in each fridge, transmitting to the base station. As a result, the equipment continues to operate irrespective of whether it is a fridge failure, power circuit or utility outage.

This wireless, battery-powered and retrofit option is easy and quick to self install and uses the mobile phone network (GSM), removing reliance on internet and local power availability, connecting automatically to the strongest network in the area. Real time customised reporting and alarming can be provided to one or multiple recipients, using email, automated voice calls or SMS, ensuring that corrective action can be taken before any losses are incurred. The system is equally effective in monitoring temperatures in freezers or ambient temperatures in VMP storage cupboards.

Many monitoring systems simply give a temperature history for each fridge and not a warning of failure. Alongside real time failure alerts, the RemoteM system goes much further. Data is transmitted to Cloud storage and is accessible by users via an online dashboard. This data can easily be interrogated to provide full reports on the condition and temperature range within each fridge, and users can call up and print records for compliance and regulatory purposes.

RemoteM is already being used by two of the country's leading veterinary groups, and is now commercially available. For further information, please contact Remote Monitoring Ltd on 0330 223 4553 or via email, or visit

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