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Less is more: OK AristoRod® 38 ZN solid wire reduces spatter



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Less is more: OK AristoRod®38 ZN solid wirereduces spatter, porosityfor more productivity when welding galvanised steels 

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ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched OK AristoRod® 38 Zn, a solid wire with a specially alloyed formula that minimises porosity and spatter on galvanized steels. As a result, it significantly reduces or eliminates rejects and rework, delivering optimised results when welding the galvanised steel components used in transportation, white goods, agricultural tanks and troughs, HVAC systems and construction (roofs, facades, gates, fences, stairs, catwalks).

Manufacturers are using thicker Zn coatings so that they can produce longer lasting components and offer longer anti-corrosion product warranties. However, a thicker coating exacerbates the challenges inherent with welding galvanised steel. Zinc melts at temperatures lower than steel (419oC vs. 1,370oC). As a result, the heat of the welding arc releases zinc vapor around the weld pool, which affects arc stability and contributes to excess spatter. If trapped in the weld pool, the vapor causes porosity as the weld solidifies.

"Through tightly controlled micro-alloying elements in its formulation, OK AristoRod 38 Zn allows the zinc vapor to escape. It addresses the root cause of porosity and spatter associated with standard ER70S-6 wires without the expense or increased risk of burn through associated with metal cored wires," says Jose Abal-Lopez, Global Product Manager Non and Low Alloyed Solid Wires, ESAB. "ESAB conducted head-to-head tests against other common options for welding galvanized steel. The results were conclusive: OK AristoRod 38 Zn offers the best performance at the lowest total cost of production."

OK AristoRod 38 Zn is available in diameters of 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 mm in 18 kg spools and 250 kg Marathon Pacs. It is classified as an AWS A5.18 ER70S-G.

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