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Star of 'Secret Teacher' calls for schools to teach entrepreneurship





With the summer exam results only just behind us, Paul Rowlett, business tycoon and star of Channel 4's recent ‘Secret Teacher' series, expresses his passionate view that schools should be teaching more than just the three R's. 


Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Rowlett suggested that enabling students to think for themselves and develop life skills is the way forward.  

Rowlett, 37, who left school with no qualifications, is the CEO of a promotional gifts company which was founded in 2010.  His rise has been meteoric and inspiring.


Paul Rowlett pictured with Louie and Courtney at Haileybury school in Hertfordshire. Louie now has a job at Rowlett's HQ in Leicester, after proving himself to be a resourceful entrepreneur.



Notes for Editors

Less than 10 years ago, the ex-serviceman had just pennies to his name and faced homelessness. He had lost his previous two sales positions and with no hope of re-employment he was forced to take stock of his life, and with a modest loan and a laptop, he set up what has now become a multi-million pound business in the UK, USA, Canada and is now opening in Ireland and in Australia later in the year.

Because of his own life experience, Paul is an ardent supporter of young people and runs a successful apprenticeship scheme, recruiting in particular, youngsters trapped in dead end jobs. Every apprentice completing the training is given a job in his organisation. He has links with the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy and the Secret Teacher consolidated his passion to help students in danger of falling by the wayside in the current traditional school system.