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Innovative, stylish and green; Extex simplifying choice

Innovative, stylish and green; Extex simplifying choice

Press release

22 August 2019

Extex, Britain's leading luxury outdoor furnishing fabric producer continues to be ahead of the curve as they launch their new simplified and innovative system, The Extex Essentials Show Card. Extex is introducing a sleek, smaller, environmentally friendly and customer responsive A4 concertina card, named Extex Essentials. It is designed to display multiple fabric options in a convenient, smaller and environmentally conscious way whilst making delivery and ease of use for customers a priority.

The Extex Essentials shade card is a palette containing over 100 sample of outdoor fabrics from eight different ranges, condensed into an easily transportable and stylish concertina A4 card. The card showcases the Extex range, including the new Alpine collection.

Extex Essentials is an exciting and innovative development that puts the Extex range in the hands of customers, quickly and easily, but also in a cost-effective and green way. The shade card reduces on unnecessary waste, and focuses interest in a simplified, stylish and innovative design that any leading company in the industry should be striving for. This compact collection includes the most desired fabrics, grouped by colour as opposed to range. It is ideal for garden and interior designers to use when working with their clients to achieve a tailored look and feel.

By having small samples of materials on the card, Extex Essentials allows customers to feel the quality of multiple fabrics, adding a further sensory experience and connection with the range. The new design reflects the environmental awareness and customer friendly ideas of Extex, highlighting the forward-thinking nature of the company to always deliver the best for customers and be conscious of its impact.

Care and usage instructions for the entire range is included within the card, through a quick cross reference table highlighting the unique selling points of each of the luxury outdoor fabrics.

Customers can order larger sample swatches direct from the Extex website or by phoning 01634 718871 and emailing


Editors notes

Extex Essentials Showcard environmental benefits:

-          Reduction in fabric sample fabrics.

-          Reduction in paper, glue and other raw materials used in a standard swatch catalogue.

-          Due to the smaller size, more cards can be sent out via regular post rather than parcel post or delivery, reducing carbon emissions per unit sent.

About Extex

Extex fabrics are designed and produced by Marina Mill, a family business based in rural Kent, England that has been specialising in designing and producing bespoke fabrics (including expertly hand printed replications of historical fabrics for royal castles and households), since the company's founders, Keith and Stephanie Rawkins started the business in 1967.

High res images available on request

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