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Funding available to make local authority websites accessible and inclusive


13August 2019

Funding available to make local authority websites accessible and inclusive

Local authorities in England can now apply for grant funding to cover the cost of addingRecite Me's web accessibility and language softwareto their websites.

Local authorities can access theControlling Migration Fundto ease local pressures on housing, education and health services arising from recent migration, providing benefits to the whole community.

The fund is part of the Government's efforts to tackle the root causes of poor integration and take steps to build stronger and more united communities across Britain.

The total funding allocated to the Controlling Migration Fund is now £73.5 million and the fund helps to increase English language support and boost community integration.

The funding covers the translation feature of Recite Me, which can translate any web content into over 100 different languages and recite text into 35 different languages.

People who don't speak English as their first language such as migrants will benefit from the real-time translation feature, and the cost of Recite Me can be covered by the Controlling Migration Fund.

Recite Me also supports the one in five people in the UK who have a disability to access any website by letting them customise how they view and use the website to suit their needs.

Ross Linnett, Recite Me Founder and CEO said:"The UK has an increasingly diverse population that reflects the reality of migration in the modern world.

"The Controlling Migration Fund is a great source of money to support local authorities in England in areas facing pressures linked to recent immigration.

"Accessing the fund to pay for the cost of Recite Me is a great way for local authorities in England to make all their website content accessible to everyone, regardless of what language they speak."

"Giving people who don't speak English as a first language access to information and services is a legal requirement for all local authorities, and the fund offers an excellent way of covering this cost for their websites."


Notes to Editors

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About Recite Me

1. Recite Me is an innovative Cloud based web accessibility solution which allows website visitors to customise websites the way they need it to work for them.

2. Around one in every five people in the UK has a disability and they can often face barriers like inaccessible websites that prevent them from taking an active part in life.

3. Recite Me's innovative software makes websites accessible through a unique range of features including: text to speech functionality, dyslexia software, zoom and page masking, an interactive dictionary, a translation tool with over 100 languages.

4. Ross Linnett is the CEO and Founder of Recite Me and is available for interview or comment. Ross was diagnosed with dyslexia as an adult and founded Recite Me because traditional ‘assistive technology' was limited to only one computer.

5. A live demonstration of the Recite software is