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ZL6 data logger is user-friendly for analysing environmental data


5 August 2019

 ZL6 data logger is user-friendly for analysing environmental data 


Labcell, the UK distributor for METER Group, is introducing theMETER ZL6 data loggerthat is designed to take the pain out of setting up a data acquisition system and performing analyses. Thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of sensors, together with its ZENTRA Cloud connectivity, users enjoy remote access to near-real-time data via any web browser. All of this makes it easier to correlate event factors, identify trends and spot problems faster.

A maximum of six METER plug-and-play environmental sensors can be connected to the ZL6 for near-real-time measurement of various weather parameters, soil moisture and soil water potential. Barometric pressure and temperature measurements are incorporated as standard giving an instant insight of conditions at the loggers location. If the ZL6 cannot connect to the cloud due to a lack of access to a cellular network, data can be stored onboard and downloaded via a USB output.

In addition to being easy to install and configure, the ZL6 data logger is also low-maintenance and extremely robust, which makes it highly suitable for use in remote and inaccessible locations. An integrated solar panel keeps the batteries charged and the electronics are housed in an IP65 dust- and water-tight enclosure to protect them from all weathers. The antenna is concealed to ensure it is not vulnerable, and the enclosure's rugged hinges and clasps are designed to withstand repeated opening and closing.

When setting up a ZL6 system, the data logger recognises the connected plug-and-play sensors automatically; the ZENTRA app then enables the ZL6 to be configured via Bluetooth using a smartphone, rather than having to take a laptop to site. Alternatively, the sensors can be configured remotely via ZENTRA Cloud. As the ZL6 features built-in GPS location, the logger tags data geographically so it is not necessary to maintain manual records of where the system is sited. Another advantage of ZENTRA Cloud is that it provides the means for firmware-over-the-air updates to be made to the ZL6 without any input from the user.

Affordable, user-friendly and versatile, the ZL6 data logger is suitable for research and commercial applications in the fields of biophysics, geophysics, environmental sciences, agriculture, horticulture, arboriculture and meteorology - particularly when the site of interest is remote or inaccessible.

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