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1 August2019


3-in-1 hot tap delivers 100°C filtered water; in an instant

Save time, water and space

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Quite simply, the new 3-in-1 TAMPERA Hot tap from BLANCO is all you need for instant, beautifully filtered, 100°C boiling water at the twist of a child-safe lever; from an ultra-safe, super-hygienic and taste-free, 4-litre titanium boiler. Featuring an insulated spout, the TAMPERA Hot offers all the benefits of a hot tap in terms of time, energy and space; but you don't need to worry about choosing optional extras.BLANCO has developed this ingenious tap to beat similar specification competitors in terms of price and quality, providing absolute peace of mind.

In short, the TAMPERA Hot gives you deliciously pure cold, warm and instant boiling water from a single mixer tap which oozes pure engineering quality.

No need to wait for the kettle to boil; in fact, save space and water as you don't need a kettle! No need to wait for the tap to run hot or bring the pan to boil - it's done. And you only use what you need! It's 100% safe too; the rotary control knob with a child-safe lock button must be pressed whilst simultaneously turning the knob to activate the flow of boiling water. The knob springs back to the off position as soon as it is released so the flow stops and the controlled jet through an aerator reduces spray.

Both the compact boiler and the filter are hidden away out of sight in the base cabinet so you are saving space. You can also house the BLANCO SELECT Compact 60/2 waste separation bin system in the same cupboard space.

The high-pressure boiler is made of titanium, not copper or stainless steel like many competitors, making the TAMPERA Hot system more hygienic and ensuring the water is taste-free - ideal for the perfect cup of tea! The strong, top-grade titanium is corrosion-resistant and able to withstand the high pressures of a constant 105°C internal temperature so that all bacteria and germs are thoroughly eliminated before water is poured.

In addition, the quality of the water going in ismaintained with a high-quality five-stage filtration system that is fitted as standard. This purification process improves your water quality while protecting the performance of the whole system. The filter removes particles, heavy metals, and impurities that affect the taste of the water while reducing limescale, balancing the mineral content and softening the water before entering the boiler.

The system also includes a fool-proof digital Flowmeter which is just a simple digital interface that displays the filter usage and audibly alerts you when it is time to change the cartridge and batteries.

The TAMPERA Hot, which retails at £1557.60 inc. VAT, comes with a two-year guarantee, once registered, and BLANCO boasts an efficient nationwide installation, service and after-sales operation for complete peace of mind.

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