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Stars of Paradise - children's book out Thursday #STEM #Diversity #Inclusion

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We'd like to send you a hot-off-the-printing-press copy of a new children's book (6-9 year olds), Stars of Paradise, by Mary Obozua, published by Hashtag Press and due for release this Thursday - 18th July 2019 - internationally and in all good bookshops (and online). 

Please let us know if you'd like a paperback or digital copy!

Stars of Paradise is a story to inspire young girls and boys to think big, be creative, and understand that dreams can be achieved with teamwork and the application of skills including science, technology, coding, as well as singing, dancing and performing! The group of friends embarks on an adventure that sees the two protagonists - strong, intelligent, young Black girls - put their STEM skills to the test to achieve their goals.
The author, Mary Obozua, is a fashion entrepreneur currently living and working in Birmingham. She's available for interview, editorial commission etc. The books are available for review request. And the female directors behind Hashtag Press (Helen Lewis and Abiola Bello) are happy to talk about the stats surrounding the lack of diverse characters and writers, particularly in children's books, and what they hope this - and future titles - can do to change the current situation so all children can see themselves - and other cultures - represented within the books they have access to in libraries, schools and at home.
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Stars of Paradise

By Mary Obozua


Mary Obozua is available for interviews and editorial opportunities and is happy to talk about topics around entrepreneurship, diversity in children's books, writing for children and more! Paperback and digital advance review copies are available now!


The Wonderful Life of Daisy & Ewe (The WLDE) series is off to a colourful flying start...

What do you get when you mix an incredible flying machine that travels at the same speed of light, with exotic birds of paradise, and a singing contest? It's carnival time in Marshill and the stars of the new WLDE series for six to nine year olds springs into action from July 18th2019!

Stars of Paradise is a story to inspire young girls and boys to think big, be creative, and understand that dreams can be achieved with teamwork and the application of skills including science, technology, coding, as well as singing, dancing and performing!


This year's Marshill carnival will be like no other. Daisy and her best friend Ewe decide they will create a winning jingle for the singing contest. But, they soon realise that they need the help of their friends and the rather miserable show-off Esmerelda. Then, more challenges arise for the Stars of Paradise. They need to find a way to perform in two places at the same time. And, can Ewe's powers of drawing and designing ideas that come to life, magically help them solve their problems, and win the competition at the carnival? The adventure begins with the delivery of a golden letter...


Daisy and Ewe are the stars of new children's book series, The WLDE, aimed at young readers aged six to nine. There is a massive need for more diversity in children's book publishing. Only 1% of the children's books published in the UK in 2017 had a BAME main character (CLPE, 2018). This new series brings together myriad cultural backgrounds: Daisy and Ewe are Nigerian, Danny is Irish, and Ayo is Ghanaian. Mary says: "It's great to be able to write about my childhood and the way I grew up - accepting of all races and cultures. There's a lot of ignorance on race going on around the world. However, there is also a wonderful truth that we do live in a multicultural society. I hope 'The WLDE' helps showcase the positive sides of various ethnicities - that we are all people and we can all get along. I hope it also helps to shine light where there's ignorance, so children can grow up with that truth."


About the author

As well as designing shoes, developing her brand 'Mary Smith', live singing, mentoring young women and telling stories to her nieces and nephews, Mary Obozua has now added 'Author' to her list. Mary grew up as part of a large family without a TV in sight. She credits this upbringing to stimulating her creative side, as she was encouraged to create stories to entertain her younger siblings whilst babysitting. Inspired by watching the humorous relationship between her younger sister and her best friends, 'The Wonderful Life of Daisy and Ewe' was born - 'Stars of Paradise' is the first book in the series. She promises the series to bring girl power, a multicultural cast, mystery and fun packed adventures.

Mary continues to passionately tell stories and write, whilst juggling the day to day running of business... plus everything else in-between. Mary works in Birmingham and recently made the move from London to the Midlands to be closer to her fashion business. 


Title:Stars in Paradise

Author:Mary Obozua

Genre:Children's (6-9 year olds)

Publisher:Hashtag Press

Publication:July 18, 2019

Availability:Paperback & eBook

ISBN: Paperback978-1-9993006-5-4 eBook978-1-9993006-6-1

Price: £6.99