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Revolutionary retail platform gives £1.26m back to shoppers






Revolutionary retail platform gives £1.26m back to shoppers

A new online shopping platform has given over £1.26m back to consumers and plans on refunding £3m by the end of this year. BOOM25 has transformed the traditional cashback format adding a thrill for customers. Unlike cashback sites which offer a very small percentage of your spend, BOOM25 offers every 25th shopper gets a refund of up to 100% of their full purchase when buying through their site.

Founded in August 2017 by entrepreneur and devoted father of three, Giora Mandel, BOOM25 came into being to provide a more exciting online retail experience. With over 350,000 registered "Boomers" buying from over 1000 leading retailers, purchases across the innovative platform have already exceeded £30 million.

Giora Mandel explained his idea in an early interview saying:

"The idea originally came from another company of mine that earns affiliate revenue from I have always wanted to expand affiliate earnings into other areas, and it was only when I saw my daughter playing a game called ‘7 And Boom' that the idea came to me. In the game, everyone takes turns to count but when you reach a number divisible by seven you have to say "boom!"

He continued,

"It occurred to me that the excitement in this game could be replicated. What could be more exciting than a site that, regardless of what you buy or even how much you spend, if you are the 25th shopper — boom — you will win your money back".

Brands featured on the online shopping portal include Marks & Spencer, Tesco,, Ebay, Next, Selfridges, Nike, Odeon & First Choice. With such a wide variety of brands and vendors on offer, everybody from the designer-lovers through to the bargain-hunters can transform their regular online shopping experience with a chance of receiving all their money back.


Keen online shopper Hollie Baker said"I thought this was too good to be true, but it is far from it! I joined in May and have already won £100 back plus £10 bonus from a Halfords gift card. If you're thinking about joining, then I suggest you don't hesitate, there's literally nothing to lose! Even if you aren't the 25th shopper, they add a minimum of £0.60 to your account, and at the most £3, depending on what number shopper you are".




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