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Effective drainage key to nuclear site decomissioning

MEDIA RELEASE: 04 | 07 | 2019


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Caption:CCTV drainage survey - a key service delivered by Lanes Group plc on behalf of Magnox at the Magnox Winfrith nuclear site in Dorset.

Drainage teams support nuclear site decommissioning

Drainage engineers from Lanes Group plc are providing a range of sewer maintenance services for a company decommissioning a former nuclear research site.

The teams from Lanes Southampton are delivering reactive and planned drainage services on the Magnox Winfrith site in Dorset.

Magnox is delivering the decommissioning programme at the site near Wool on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

The Winfrith site was established to test nuclear reactor designs and was the site of a 100 Megawatt reactor that provided electricity for the national grid between 1967 and 1990.

Lanes Southampton Area Development Manager Keith Oldbury said: "Lanes provides planned and reactive drainage services at Winfrith, as it does at other Magnox sites across the UK.

"It is important that drainage systems are maintained to the highest standard. As a full-service drainage company, operating the latest specialist equipment, this is what we can deliver."

Lanes drainage teams visit the site to carry out CCTV drainage surveys, clean both surface water and foul water drainage systems and empty wastewater storage tanks as part of a planned preventative maintenance programme.

They are also available 24 hours a day to carry out drain unblockage work if necessary.

Keith Oldbury added: "As a larger drainage service provider, we can ensure we have a team of personnel with the right mix of skills and experience who can undergo the induction processes needed to access a site like this, we can also attend the site promptly, if required."

"Capability, capacity and business continuity are key considerations for many large and complex organisations we work with, including military installations, rail and highway infrastructure companies and large manufacturers."



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