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APMG and Agile Business Consortium launch new Scrum Master certification

APMG and Agile Business Consortium launch new Scrum Master certification

Scrum is a well-established framework for developing, delivering and sustaining complex products through effective team collaboration. It's widely recognized as the most used Agile framework in the world, with Scrum Master being the most accepted role when adopting the framework.

Scrum has been used to manage work on product and solution development since the early 1990s. Originally popular in the IT and software development arena, its use has expanded to support a wide range of industries, departments and applications.

Scrum has been used to develop a whole host of solutions from software and hardware to autonomous vehicles and marketing campaigns. Development of a huge range of products and applications that many of us use in our daily lives has been guided by Scrum.

A Scrum Master is responsible for promoting and supporting Scrum by helping everyone understand Scrum theory, practices, rules and values.

The new certification - supported by a two-day course delivered by APMG and Agile Business Consortium accredited providers - addresses the principles and theory underpinning the Scrum framework, and the role of the Scrum Master.

"Our new Scrum Master qualification has been made deliberately accessible to a wide spectrum of business disciplines, as agility is now about business as a whole - not just IT. Combining our expertise once again with APMG's extensive network of professional trainers means that together we can support a large number of people around the world on their agile journeys". John Williams, CEO, Agile Business Consortium

Both training and certification are based on The Scrum Guide. Developed by Scrum creators Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, it contains the definition of Scrum, consisting of Scrum roles, events, artefacts, and the rules that bind them together.

This new course offers a combination of instruction and team-based exercises. Delegates are challenged to think in terms of the Scrum principles to better understand their application when returning to the workplace.

Delegates will learn the role of Scrum Master, enabling them to lead a Scrum Team and drive adoption of the Scrum framework for more effective product and solution development.

The APMG-Agile Business Consortium Scrum Master certification aims to broaden the appeal of Scrum beyond IT and software development domains. The course and supporting exercises have been carefully designed to demonstrate Scrum's application across the wider business.

"We developed this certification in response to demand from our community of training companies delivering Agile training services. Along with their clients, they are seeking a more accessible, practical and engaging course for Scrum Masters. Developed with the business agility experts at the Agile Business Consortium, and with glowing feedback from the pilot courses, we are confident the new course and certification will deliver a valuable and enjoyable learning experience for those aiming to get maximum value from the Scrum framework."  Richard Pharro, CEO, APMG

Scrum Master training and certification is designed for anyone involved in product delivery using the Scrum framework. Training is particularly beneficial for those accountable for getting the most out of Scrum, including Scrum Masters, managers, and Scrum team members.

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