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Leicester Business Poised to go Global


LeicesterBusinessPoised to go Global

Everything Branded is poised to go global as the erstwhile Leicester start-up opens up officesacross the world following successful expansion into the USA and Canada.

The dynamic business maverick and CEO Paul Rowlett is rightly proud of his burgeoningempire.

The business, which has headquarters in central Leicester, and operates under theparent company of Charles Alexander Distribution, is rocketing from strength to strengthafter less than 9 years of operation.

With UK orders up 72% to date in the second quarter, Rowlett has also appointed a new team totake the company forward in the Republic of Ireland and has a website that is now live andtrading.

Everything Branded has 130 members of staff working in the UK and is gearing up for itsentrance into the wider European, Australian and South African markets.The company will be appointing a further 20 reps over the coming months to ensure the Group2019 revenue forecast of £29.8 million is achieved.

After initially establishing roots in Delaware, the company expanded to the West Coast ofAmerica opening a sales centre and HQ in Las Vegas in Q2 in 2018.

EverythingBrandedUSA achieved £9.13 million in revenue in its first year, and the start to 2019has been no less impressive with sales in Q1 92% up on 2018 and a thriving Canadian operationfollowing launch in January.

An ex-Royal Navy serviceman, Rowlett started Charles Alexander Distribution in 2010. With adusty laptop and a loan of £1500 from a friend, he launched his flagship

By 2013, the company broke through the £2 million barrier and increased its team to 15 peopleand since then, the company's success has grown exponentially in the UK, with an ever-growingclient list that includes Samsung, Tiffany & Co, BMW and many other major brands.

Paul Rowlett comments: "Our ultimate goal is to be a Top 40 distributor by the end of 2019. That sounds like explosive growth, but we should be able to do it. We've got the numbers, the people and the management. It's more passion than arrogance. Once we get there, people will see that we're not going away. We're here to stay.

"Our business is based around Google. We have very good SEO and a very, very strong onlineback office. It's purely e-commerce. We advertise very heavily and we offer added value to ourcustomers. We know what works and we do it well.

"Take a look at any branded merchandise which may be on your desk - chances are it's aEverything Branded product."

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